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Overclockix install


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good flight Colin !You learn fast, that's good !

That's EXACTLY where I am off too a FLIGHT up Town on this -25oC Day
are you serious, is that -25ºC ? You might need some antifreeze ! :D
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Brrrr! I will stick with my +17ºC here any day! More power to you. That is pretty cold up there. My Sis said they had been having sleet for 24 hours and everything is shut down where she is and she is all the way north to Missouri. :D

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Yep -25oC An I ALSO WENT FOR A WALK IN THAT TOO hows that for and old fogey eh  :blink:  :D  ;)
hi Colin yeap thats a heat wave for us @ -25c ... was checking the weather now and its -11 °F or -24 °C here now as i type this ... cant wait to i am finally moved into Tx but the summers are like 100 always :drooling:
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