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  2. Great song and video!!!
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  4. Apparently they are fitted to all newish bikes and have been for some time. I never knew about them either. Miss the guff and info starts at one minute in.
  5. V.T. Eric Layton

    Royals one Barbarians nil !!

    Hmm... I've never seen that on any motorcycles. However, I have seen that on riding lawn mowers. There are numerous safety features on riding mowers to prevent stupid people from hurting themselves or others. Unfortunately, some of the stupid people are just smart enough to figure out how to bypass/disable these safeties. This is why you still hear stories of idiots getting run over by their own mowers or mowers zooming off down the street with no rider one them. Well, anyway... glad you got your bike going. Enjoy! BE SAFE... and SMART out there!
  6. Corrine

    Microsoft Edge Preview Builds

    Dev channel update to 103.0.1255.0 is live Added features: Added features to Support launch some universal links which weren't supported before. Added support features for Presentations and Spreadsheets searches. Added Feature to a group policy for guided switch. This is a mandatory group policy. Once configured, it does not allow user to override this setting on Browser by changing the value of `Automatic Profile Switching’. If the policy is not configured to change the value on settings page. Added feature to trigger for full address fill logic. Added a management policy to control if Guided Switch is Enabled, which controls the prompt to switch to another profile when a website won’t work for the current one. Added a .NET API to WebView2 to support multiple profiles. Improved reliability: Improved Reliability of Camera Capture. Improved Behavior so that Once design suggestions appear on the webpage, the entry button/flyout should not disappear if user stays on the page. Improved Reliability by re-enabling and reverting to navigating to the downloads page instead of going to settings. Improved reliability by skipping Mobile variation header hack for requests whose transition type is not new navigation as it doesn’t work for them. Improved reliability for check validity or registry. Improved reliability of Personal Database Manger. Improved behavior on image super resolution feature. Changed behavior: Changed Behavior so that Visual Search side pane is closed while opening collections. Changed Behavior by re-enabling and reverting to navigating to the downloads page instead of going to settings. Changed behavior of how overflow issues are handled in various text fields in one tap dialog. Changed behavior on settings button in reading mode page being misplaced. Enabled by default vertical tabs in full screen mode. Chanced Efficiency Mode to be enabled whenever a game application is detected to be running. Fixed a crash on mobile when interacting with the address bar. Fixed an issue where the browser is sometimes running in the background when it shouldn’t be. Fixed a crash on mobile when interacting with the new tab page. Fixed a crash on Xbox. Fixed an issue where the tab context menu option to move tabs to other windows only shows the new window option, not any options for any other windows. Fixed an issue on mobile where the image of the day doesn’t load on the new tab page. Fixed an issue where the Extensions menu is blank. Fixed an issue on mobile where the back button sometimes doesn’t work when it should.
  7. raymac46

    NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

    I've had problems with MX Linux when I tried to use its graphical driver manager to install the Nvidia blob. Things got totally borked. Had to go into recovery mode and purge all the corrupt drivers. Mind you this was some time ago with a brutally old desktop.
  8. abarbarian

    Arch -- useful user tips

    Ta. I'll have to look into this after me holls.
  9. Nope apparently some dickwad had left it hanging loose after making a minor modification last year. It had been sort of wedged in so the bike ran ok. The accident had shaken it loose hence the electrical fault which was most puzzling as there was a weak spark and then there was not then a spark and then not and so on. Once firmly mounted the bike was a ok. Anyways everything is ok now. I have some new elastic for my goggles and a new peak for the helmet so am good to go go go .
  10. You know what they say - "ex' is a has-been and "spurt" is a drip under pressure. Earthed to the frame?
  11. Last week
  12. The Royal expert turned out to be a dud. He did fix the brakes, showed me a way to bleed them I was unfamiliar with. He did find my rookie mistake with the carb. As to the electric fault he had no clue. I found the solution myself. Turns out it was the rollover switch that I had hanging loose. Mounted it properly and bingo the bike runs. First time I have come across a rollover switch as all my previous bikes were pretty old and did not have one. Taken two runs out and am setting of for the Lake District on Thursday lunchtime.
  13. abarbarian

    NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

    Never had any trouble with Nvidia drivers on any linux os I have run. Guess I must just be lucky.
  14. crp

    still seems risky to me

  15. Mozilla sent Firefox Version 100.0.1 to the release channel today. Fixed Fixed an issue with subtitles in Picture-in-Picture mode while using Netflix (bug 1768818) Fixed an issue where some commands were unavailable in the Picture-in-Picture window (bug 1768201) Changed Firefox's security sandbox now blocks access to the Win32k APIs for Content Processes on Windows (bug 1767999) Release Notes
  16. I just posted the original hit video in another thread and came across this as a recommendation. It's a beautiful acoustic version:
  17. Me. Every day. - Ooh I found the video - 1.4 billion views! It is one of the best music videos ever made.
  18. Hmm... sadly, I'm not at all surprised.
  19. https://www.wired.com/story/leaky-forms-keyloggers-meta-tiktok-pixel-study/
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