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  4. I do and at the moment, this is not wa4chq. My handle is Ralph.
  5. VR is a deadly trap. Addictive too. I can resist, however. I will not live long enough to be proven right on this one, but I am right. VR is the beginning of the end for humanity as we have known it. I'd rather go outdoors and take a walk, even work in the garden in mid-winter. Much healthier. Gaming started it, VR will finish it off. I have lost friends to gaming- no, not a falling out, they just fell away and became invisible to me in the world I live in. Y'all enjoy your 'smart phones', social media, and such. Not for me. As it is, I waste way too many hours on the net, but gaming is a line I stubbornly refuse to cross. Seductive but no thanks... Yes, it is 'interesting' though, sort of, like watching in morbid fascination as a constrictor dines on baby mice... Clutter
  6. Phew! OK that is great news then. Other users definitely not a concern (unless there are burglar hackers- LOL). Thanks!
  7. Or run one of the commands I linked to
  8. As long as you do not have dissociative identity disorder.
  9. So does this mean I'm OK since I'm the only user on all my computers?
  10. Update your Mint 20. Not advisable to run obsolete versions of Mint as they don't get security updates. For them you could try Josh's workaround. sudo chmod 0755 /usr/bin/pkexec Remember this is not a concern unless an attacker is actually a user on your machine. If that is the case you have a lot of issues besides the exploit.
  11. I Spent Hundreds of Hours Working in VR. Here’s What I Learned This is the tech used and you can use it for free, if you have the right headset. Work Faster in VR Than in Real Life
  12. Fixed in what sense, please? Do I need to do anything? And I still have one or more copies of obsolete Mint 17 running. Does that add to my concerns? (Mostly I'm now running Mint 20). Clutter
  13. Last week
  14. Corrine

    Mozilla Firefox Version 96.0.3 Released

    It will be our secret.
  15. V.T. Eric Layton

    Mozilla Firefox Version 96.0.3 Released

    It's OK that they are rapid in fixing bugaboos and all that. The unfortunate thing for me is that, in Slackware, it's a bit of a chore to upgrade FF via command line and using a pre-made script. Sure, it only takes me a few moments and a few key strokes, but it's a lot easier in MS Windows where you can just let FF update itself. Shhhh... don't tell anyone I said Win was easier.
  16. Corrine

    Mozilla Firefox Version 96.0.3 Released

    I don't blame you, Eric. This is the 3rd update since Version 96 was released just a bit over two weeks ago. It is a pattern that FF seems to follow.
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