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  2. securitybreach

    Experiments with SAMBA

    Nice I prefer NFS but samba is ok too. I use scp a lot too but that is just ssh.
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  4. Since I upgraded the SSD on my main desktop I have a spare 480GB solid state drive. So I put this spare SSD into an external drive enclosure and connected it to the USB3 port on my Linksys router. Then I went into the router configuration and set it up as External Storage. Obviously the router runs on Linux as the drive shows up as sda1. I was able to Map the drive from Windows 10 and then copy over my Pictures folder to it. That gives me another backup of my digital photos. I then went into the Thinkpad that runs Debian and was able to connect over the LAN to the external drive using SA
  5. BOOK BUB - Legaly free books You do not need to sign in or join the site to obtain books. Most of the books are available from , Amazon, Apple, Google or Kobo. I tried a google book and it showed up in Google Play. From there I was able to download it as a e-pub file for reading on my Nook. The selection of books is not earth shattering but so far I have found some promising reads from authors I do not know.
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  8. Bookmem

    Universal Android Debloater

    The point of the debloater is that does a whole list of bloat at one time, rather than you doing them one at a time.
  9. Hmm... Yet another Chernobyl documentary, eh? I've seen many. I'll watch this one, too, once I find it streaming somewhere. EDIT: AH! I see that the link above is the documentary. COOL. Tomorrow is supposed to be a gray and rainy day. It'll be perfect for viewing this video. .
  10. raymac46

    Hot Rodding

    Having upgraded my old Veriton M as much as I have, I now possess a desktop which runs great, does everything I want. I think it'll meet my future needs as well, as those needs are modest enough. Now my major worry would be motherboard or CPU failure. If that happens, I am in the Catch 22 position where my only solution would be to build a new system and keep my old components where I can. If I were to buy a new PC I would get faster and more cores on my CPU, more efficient power utilization, maybe better graphics, NVME, DDR4, and USB3. But I would maybe have a proprietary and weake
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