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    • Hedon James
      I updated my Spiral11 to Spiral12 and have been very happy with it so far.  This is the first time EVER that I have "updated in place" without experiencing quirks and quarks over extended periods.  I usually end up replacing an "update in place" with a fresh install.....but have had no real reason to do that.  Feeling more and more confident that Debian is the right distro for me, long term.   The only issue I've had with Spiral is that I realized there were no further updates/upgrades to Spiral12 after I updated from 11 to 12.  Spiral forums revealed there was a bug in the distro-update/upgrade process, because Debian changed the name or syntax (can't remember) of their repo, so the updated Spiral entry wasn't seeing any updates.  Modified the repo source and everything has been fine since.  I mention this because IF you decide to upgrade in place from 11 to 12, you may have to manually alter repo source (it was just one, if I recall correctly.....and had to do with Debian allowing non-free now).  Maybe they fixed that bug by now, maybe not?  If anyone upgrades Spiral11 in-place to Spiral12, check your repo sources and make sure they're correct.  Other than that....GOLDEN!
    • abarbarian
      Floorp: Web Browser Focusing on Privacy and Customization     Why Floorp has become the browser of my dreams     https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/floorp-bin   Downloaded the AUR offering and installed floorp. Then I used the FF sync feature which I have never used  before to add all my bookmarks from my present FF to it, all went well. I made a few changes to floorp, this  was quite easy as it uses pretty much the same customization as FF.   I must say that floorp ones up just a tad quicker than FF on my Arch set up. Web pages also seem to open up a tad quicker too. You Tube definitely opens up more speedily and there is no problems with playback. Netflix opens and plays very well, though starting a new program from the home screen does take a while to start but that happens in all the browsers I have tried so I am putting that down to a Netflix problem. Once started Netflix plays very well.   From what I have gathered on the net updates are just a couple of days after the FF ESR updates.   All in all from my short trial floorp seems to run very well indeed and I will be keeping it as my daily. I took some time out to customize it slightly with a new theme but could not decide on which to use. I installed a few and am using this one at present. I just like black cats with yellow eyes 😛   BlackCatCrew     However these quite caught my eye   A N I M A T E D KITTY CAT    Eyes in the Clouds   Spirited Away (Animated)   Calvin & Hobbes   Plus several other cat themes.   This one would be perfect for Josh but it would probably burn your eyes out.   Hacker (Animated)   Enjoy 😎
    • raymac46
      I updated Spiral Linux stable on my ancient Dell Inspiron 530 desktop. Because it has a creaky old USB 2 wifi connection through a tiny dongle the download took HOURS. The system is still running Debian 11 Bullseye as its basis but with backports etc I had around 150 MB to download. After the download things went pretty fast because I have a cheap SSD and a pretty good Core Duo processor in the old beast. This machine is strictly used as a jukebox in my workroom so I feel no need to upgrade to a newer version of Debian. If I did I would certainly do it via a wired connection.
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    • Pete!
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