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    • Hedon James
      I feel like EVERYONE here is at a higher level than me.  But that's why I keep coming back!
    • Hedon James
      In all fairness...it's been several years since I've visited either forum, Arch or Manjaro.  And it's certainly possible the culture changed in that time.  But those were my experiences back when I was frequenting those forums.  I can't comment on how they are today, only to say it sounds encouraging to hear Arch is a little less elitist and more tolerant.  My experiences came from more than 1 user, and after awhile just concluded "they're right....Arch obviously isn't for me."  And that formed my opinion.   Now, I conclude that Arch COULD be for me someday, as long as SB and the rest of you folks at BATL are still active and kicking!  😎
    • abarbarian
      Blimey you must have been in desperate states to rely on any help and information I have offered. 😋
    • abarbarian
      Well I took the trouble to check out the ten latest threads at the Arch Forums in the Newbies Corner and the Installation section and I could not find any of the behaviour you describe. In fact I found the opposite, quality information delivered with a patient and helpful manner.   I did the same thing over at the Manjaro forums and whilst the replies were friendly enough the information offered was in some cases very scetchy.   This FUD regarding Arch elitism and unfriendliness is in the main just FUD these days. 😎
    • saturnian
      raymac46, as you've probably found already, there isn't much reason to go to the Arch forums for help. Or there hasn't been for me. The wiki is almost always enough. As I recall, I asked a couple of questions here early on. When I visit the Arch forums, it's usually just to do some reading. Oh, and now that I think of it, there have been times when a web search took me to the Arch forums, and then I found the info I needed.
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