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  1. "The Bruno Knaapen Technology Learning Center" . . . Ken you are THE man, you pulled it off, and I feel deeply honored !This makes me so proud . . . and hereby I know that all the effort I gave to never give up was not wasted. The 37,904 forum posts were not wasted. The hours were not wasted but had one only purpose: teaching people how to use technology ( in this case "Linux-technology" the only real "Free operating system" ) to get ahead in life and better themselves.I am deeply moved by the fact that you named it after me: Bruno Knaapen.Love, BrunoPS: Yep, I am still fighting "the" battle . . . .PS2: On a side note: I heard that the Canadian folk writer Kate McGarrigle died from cancer last week. I was a great fan of her songs like "heart like a wheel" . . . music being my other great passion. She will have her funeral on Monday.
  2. NOTE: The Offline-Tips are still available for download !!! 1). The Linux version, about 6.7 MB: "Tips_Linux_Explorers.tar.gz"2). The one suited to extract with Windows software, 7,2 MB: "Tips_Linux_Explorers.zip"3). And the "XXS" Version, the special "dailup version" ( 12 convienient small downloads ) where the "basic" package is only 521 kB ! After that one can choose what pics of what Tips they like to add in 11 additional downloads ranging from 94 kB to 1.4 MB )A request for the Offline-Tips can be addressed to the Moderators and Admins of Bruno's All Things Linux Forum. They will provide you the URL. Bruno
  3. Farewell to my dear friends . . . some last important details:There is a solution for the Offline-Tips: Scot offrered that the forum host will offer all 3 versions of them:1). The Linux version, about 6.7 MB: "Tips_Linux_Explorers.tar.gz"2). The one suited to extract with Windows software, 7,2 MB: "Tips_Linux_Explorers.zip"3). And the "XXS" Version, the special "dailup version" ( 12 convienient small downloads ) where the "basic" package is only 521 kB ! After that one can choose what pics of what Tips they like to add in 11 additional downloads ranging from 94 kB to 1.4 MB )You will be directed to the downloads after sending a PM to one of the Mods or Admins of "Bruno's All Things Linux forum".Non members of the forum will simply have to register first before they will be ablee to send the PM and do the download request.Of course they and everybody else who wants to can access The Tips for Linux Explorers directly on the Internet. ( It will stay hosted on the same super safe FreeBSD and Apache at least the next 5 years to come. ) See Netcraft.comI wish you lots of Linux tweaking joy and fun . . . exploring computers and Linux is great fun be sure to get the most out of it !We will meet again, I am sure we will, maybe on the "other side", where Internet and Email is no longer needed to communicate with each other. Bruno
  4. Thanks Ken ( Aka Helios )You people will know Helios, one of my best online friends who not only in a true Linux advocate but also runs a host of special projects for deprived children in Texas: http://www.heliosinitiative.org/blog/ ( Bringing Linux and Computing to those who need it most ) and http://www.heliosinitiative.org/news.php ( Free computers for Austin kids )We did link a good few times link to his blog: http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/ . . . please support and follow this great guy who never gets tired advocating "the good cause". Bruno
  5. Pssst . . . check your Gmail account, I did send a short How-To install. Specially tailored to your setup and use of the MDV 2010 DVD ;-) . . .after all you have been my "adopt a dial-up user" since: http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=2711 BrunoPS: Rolana, feel free to copy and paste those instructions in this topic if you think it would help other forum members at a later date. ( but please edit out the typos )
  6. Hi Anil . . . No worries, I am sending the PM's in batches, you happened to be in the first one. Sorry.Today is not yet the day I stop replying in this thread . . . . I am planning to do that later this week after I had the chance to say farewell to more of the great friends I have here on the forum. Bruno
  7. Dearest friends, you warm my heart, I am deeply touched by all the comments made in this thread. This proves that online friends can indeed be real friends.I have news regarding the website Tips for Linux Explorers ( brunolinux.com )I managed to make sure the site will stay online up to at least 2015. So the forum can keep linking to Tips on it and you can keep the bookmark in your browsers ( And you will be able to see the sun-shaded penguin dancing in those many years ahead. )For the offline-tips download we are still working on a solution but chances are that also there will a solution being offered soon.I am honored by the tributes made in this thread and you can expect my next message in a few days. Bruno
  8. My dearest friends,Sometimes I think ( and of course you all know I don't really mean it ) that it would be easier if we all were mean spirited, that would make this farewell so much easier . . . Thank you all for the heartwarming friendship you addressed me over all these years, it was a true pleasure to teach and to guide you through the Linux learning process.I know that all of you visiting the ATL forum see Linux in another way then ever before you visited Scot's forum . . . and I am thankful that I was able to be part of that process.Exactly this achievement feels good and turns a smile on my face . . . !!!This week I will try do another few short messages in this thread, but please excuse me if I do not address / reply anyone personally, It's hard enough to keep my head clear in this state. BrunoPS: The exact date of the by now "famous" quote was May 25 2003 and from that day on the "N" word was banned.Here is the text I copied and pasted whenever needed: NOTE: I am in the process talking to my hosting provider to keep the site http://brunolinux.com on the internet for at least the coming 5 to 7 years so you will still be able to link to specific "Tips" in your post helping out people on the forum. ( The offline-tips will however soon no longer be available as download )
  9. Thanks a bundle for the birthday wishes ! Bruno
  10. Congrats to Eric and Urams, you both are of great value to the forum . . . glad you said "yes" Bruno
  11. Thank you, my friends . . . you're a great group of people !I'll send you all a postcard from St. Maarten Bruno
  12. New updates PCLos 2009.1The following packages will be upgraded:dkms-vboxadd x11-driver-input-vboxmouse x11-driver-video-vboxvideoTotal 1588 kB Bruno** Source used is ftp.nluug.nl
  13. New updates PCLos 2009.1The following packages will be upgraded:gstreamer0.10-flac libnspr-devel libnspr4 mlocateTotal 376 kB Bruno** Source used is ftp.nluug.nl
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