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    IBM Z60M # Processor - Intel Pentium M 760 2.0GHz (2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) # Screen - 15.4" WSXGA screen (1680 x 1050), 200nit (not MaxBright), matte (not glossy) # Memory - 1,024GB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM # Hard Drive - 100GB 5400RPM # Ports - Infrared, 3 USB 2.0, S-video out, dock/port replicator, external display output, AC adapter, LAN port (ethernet), modem port, audio, headphone, external microphone, IEEE 1394 # Graphics Card - ATI X600 128MB # Slots - 1 Type 2 PC card slot , 1 ExpressCard slot # Dimensions - 14.1" x 10.3" x 1.58" (width x depth x height) # Weight - about 7.7lbs (with 9-cell battery and titanium lid) # Wireless - 802.11 a/b/g Intel wireless (2915), Bluetooth, Infrared # Battery - 9-cell (non-flushed), quoted at 6-hours run time # Hard Drive Active Protection System - Yes # OS - Microsoft Windows XP Professional # Extras - Titanium cover lid
  1. And YET - Local Diskcs in PCLinuxOS shows ALL the Partitions Cheers for years Colin
  2. Moi Might be LISTENING to - FUN - We are Young BUT shoot this is turning into a NIGHTMARE We have PCLinuxOS x64 on & x64 Win 7 BUT - it is giving palpitaions NOW it is time to COMPLETELY RE-INSTALL the WHOLE hard Drive YET --->> YET and this it is the BIGGIE - neither Gparterd or - Parted Magic SEES what is installed - ALL it shows is - Allocated space of 465GB HELP HELP HELP Please Cheers for Years - HOPEFU:LLY Colin
  3. Thank you Sunrat & Eric Will look into those when the SEARCH for the latest mirrorless camera calms down Cheers for years Colin
  4. Eric & abarbarian Yep seems like we DID need a new challenge PCLinuxOS x64 - just a couple of niggles right now - Thunderbird - DOES receive emails but can not find how to add my other email addresses P:LUS - it does NOT send Evolution is just a fawn interface - no where to click and add any email of mine. Thank heavens that OTHER Sytem outlook is working Cheers for years Colins
  5. OOOPPPSSS!!!! - it was SLADE where I came from o:) :'( :'( :'( --->>> Hope it fits in Cheers for years Colin
  6. AW com ON Eric You sound like those Rockers -->>> Cum on FEEl the noise - From Moi home town - Geordie land--->>> Cheers for years Colin
  7. Yep why in the HECK did I JUST go x64 Dual boot including the NEW PCLuinusOS x64 and including XPx64 JUST been DONE this last hour :'( Would LOVE to hear some comments Cheers for years Colin
  8. Yep I AGREE Josh YET ALL my FRIENDS on the Forum are HERE ON BATL - SO thought maybe it was a GREAT idea IF it is transferred PLEASE let me KNOW where too SO whatever HAPPENS - I have AM totally GRATEFUL - and have ENJOYED - ALL the shares Cheers for Years colin
  9. Thank Ypu Josh I was expecting to have this Topic deleted as to me it was NOT Linux orientated - YET I feel everyone of us have to LIVE life with GUSTO Cheers for years Colin
  10. Fran I AM looking @ the videos THOUGHT I was the Only one that refreshed Life from past Music and Videos BUT even on the first one it seemed WAY out of MY Genre Cheers for years Colin
  11. And Musical ADVICE for ALL parts of of LIFE PS - just so you all KNOW I am NOT Back in the Psychidelic 60's right now Cheers for years Colin PS - just so you all KNOW I am NOT Back in the Psychidelic 60's
  12. And Roxette was NOT just female vocals--->>> Just hope this is some SPICE for life Cheers for years Colin
  13. As much as am SO partial to Queen & Adam Lambert Here is a group that thrills too--->>> Cheers for years Colin
  14. Eric & Temmu PLEASE do not get me goimng again - DO NOT really need another "60's psychecdilic" experience right now Cheers for years Colin
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