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A good cup of coffee

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I'll stick with my $12 Mr. Coffee from Walmart. It makes 12 cups.
You and me both.

We use 2 - 12 cup Mr. Coffee coffee makers. Mine has the flavored coffees and my husband's has the decaf.


His uses the auto shutoff after 2 hours. Mine is very old and doesn't have bells and whistles. I turn it off anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours then reheat the coffee in the microwave until it is time to brew another

pot in a day or 2.


We went to a dinner at a relative's home. It took forever until everyone was served coffee with dessert. By then my nephew and I were ready for a 2nd cup. (We hesitated to ask for a 2nd cup). The poor hostess spent all her time running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room.

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Since I love strong coffee, I may have to buy some of this (just for testing purposes )         http://www.amazon.co...R6W/?tag=047-20  

I guess I'm a psychopath too. I can't stand anything in my coffee.   You judge how good a spouse a man will be by the way he treats his mother.

Yeah... that's this week. It'll change.


I have an Oster.




I usually make about 8 cups at a time. The coffee maker uses the typical basket filter.

I used to be real fussy about my coffee blends when I worked in the coffee plant. Today I'll drink anything pretty well as long as it isn't stale. Most middle of the road drip blends are 100% Arabicas anyway. If you want to get a nice custom blend go 60% Colombia/40% Guatamala. That used to be the old Yuban formula back in the 1970s.

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I buy my coffee at Trader Joe's and get a dark roast in two different varieties: one from Guatemala and one blend from Nicaragua, Peru and somewhere in Mexico I've never heard of. I mix them in a 3:2 radio before grinding. I'd never use the pods--I use a Mr. Coffee-like drip coffee maker from Cuisinart, mainly because I read an article from a doctor at Harvard's School of Public Health that said that coffee that wasn't filtered through paper filters would boost your LDL cholesterol. Before that I used a cafetiere.

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I found some reusable pods for about £1 each and they are easy to use and clean.




An I normally use Taylors Coffee as they do a decent range, different sterengths and flavours. I notice that Waitrose have them at half price at the moment, but my nearest Waitrose is 100 miles away.





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Well, I've given up quite a few things for health reasons, but I'm dam**d if I'm going to give up my two mugs of coffee a day. Many mornings that's the only thing that gets me out of bed!

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Don’t drink coffee because it may help you live longer. Do it because you enjoy it.



many studies have shown that drinking coffee might actually protect people from developing prostate and liver cancer, melanoma, and a type of cancer in the lining of the uterus, according to a huge review of the scientific literature published last year in The British Medical Journal.


The US dietary guidelines say it’s totally fine to guzzle up to five cups of joe a day.



Ioannidis says that we may never know how coffee really affects our health. “I wouldn’t be surprised, actually, if there’s just no major benefit like there’s no major harm,” he says.


Guess I should go and make a fresh brew now :breakfast:

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