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  1. Not really sure where to put this , so, Police to sell hacker's $1.1 million Bitcoin stash to compensate victimsHacker told to give up bitcoins or face four more years in prison. Blimey an he did all that with a laptop based in a trailer park
  2. The huge white area as in the screen shot. As to emoticons, there are too many of them. I thought there were too many on the last forum but at least you could open up a small window with them and keep it open. Now you have to click click click every time, an there are too many choices. Now if you could just choose to have say ten of your favourites on show that would be great. I guess I could click on ten several times and they would show up in the recently used bar, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mind you the one I want is not available it seems,
  3. The fine print is usually a clause for suspicion

  4. New site looks pretty neat and modern. The white background could do with toning down a tad or you could supply free sunglasses, old parchment white would be nice. Shame about the lousy emoticons. I found the old ones down at the bottom of the list and half of them are just text. Progress, innovation, intuitive, pah bah humbug. Does look not too bad though. Thanks for all the hard work you mods.
  5. Yup you do need sunglasses to surf the new site.
  6. Same thing happened here a few moments ago. Then everything started to run at a normal speed. I thought it was just taking some time to warm up, just like me in the mornings.
  7. The web is not the FULL INTERNET! Was surfin an stumbled across this gem. The rest of the mini article is a hoot an worth a read. Reading the rest of the edition of the Linux Gazette made me realise how the pc world has changed over the years. There is a mini article/question regarding buying and building a pc which is a real eye opener for someone who thought things were tough when he started pc'ing back in 2004.
  8. Yup the day was very neat. Thanks to all for the thoughts.
  9. I dual boot Arch and W7 on a GPT UEFI set up. I use rEFind for booting which is kept on its own "boot" partition. It finds automatically finds a UEFI loader if a usb stick with a live os is used, if the os has one, abd aby new found os's are shown on the boot menu. Once set up it is very easy to use.
  10. After a recent update my W7 pc refused to boot with a blck screen and a "winload.efi" error. Seems that the files signature or the file is corrupted. I tried using the W7 install disk to repair the fault. I got a command line up and entered, BOOTREC/FIXMBR BOOTREC/FIXBOOT which both suggested they had completed OK then entered, BOOTREC/REBUILDBCD which told me everything was OK but it also told me there were no window os installed. Can anyone offer any insight to my problem.
  11. I guess this is sort of a fringe distribution. At least it was when it was in development as Atomic Workstation. Now it is called Silverblue and may very well be the template for all desktop os's. Immutable Linux with Silverblue: My favorite superpower Silverblue Fedora 30 has been released today! This is a very interesting development by Fedora.
  12. German stock exchange to launch marketplace for video game objects Cor blimey what a world we live in.
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