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  1. Those who live in the US and listened to the radio may remember Paul Harvey as the guy who did short segments called The Rest of the Story. Mike Rowe does podcasts called The Way I Heard It in the same format. I'm not big on podcasts but I am enjoying these. https://mikerowe.com/podcast/ It will take me awhile to listen to the currently 141 episodes now available. If you have less than 10 minutes, these are good at 5 - 7 minutes in length.
  2. Let see if I can figure out codes for some of the emoticons. :smashcomp: :blissysmile: :blowoutcandles: Appears some old ones are no longer available.
  3. Under emojis when the box comes up, click categories (far right at top) and select Emoticons. There are fewer to look through. (183 as compared to 487) Of course you could make a cheat sheet of just the ones you want.
  4. Yes. I could probably increase it but I have tons of wallpaper in that size so it is easier to keep the status quo. I don't wear glasses in the house and I sit far back from the monitor. I had cataract surgery in 2017 so I now see a lot better.
  5. 19" but I had a 17" square one too. Here's what I get with ctrl and -. I then see the menus. It isn't a problem. As long as I now know what I need to do to see the full text editor in PM, I'm good to go. Consider this issue solved. I'll just need to toggle the display if I need the full text editor .
  6. AH, I discovered how to correct the issue. If I let the board on the size it is, I get the down-sized editor but if I hit ctrl and + once, the window expands and when I go to reply, I get the full editor. I can't keep that size (ctrl +) because then on the main page, the right column disappears and I don't see the menu items. I'll have to see what happens on my laptop which uses a resolution of 1366 x 768. My desktop I chose 1024 x 768.
  7. hmm, today the full editor showed when I went to reply here. (still on the same version of Palemoon and the same desktop computer I've been using). I have no idea what changed - I didn't change anything after trying the default theme, in PM, and disabling some add-ons which did nothing. I went back to my preferred PM theme and enabled the add-ons. Full editor appeared on netbook and I also see the menu so no ctrl plus some key to toggle what I see. I didn't vote because I'm on the fence. I like the old theme but I can also live with the new one now that I can turn off alerts. (phew!)
  8. Same old same old. I deleted Scot's cookies I had protected. I am using the default theme in Palemoon and there is no change. I never see the full editor. It isn't a problem unless I want to change the font and color because I have no option to do so. I guess I'll then need to use FF instead of Palemoon. The only other thing I can do is start disabling my add-ons to see if something there is causing the problem.
  9. Here's what I see when I preview. Let me use the default theme in Palemoon. It wouldn't be the first time that my choice of theme caused weird things to happen. Well it isn't my theme. I rebooted using the default theme and the same thing happens. I don't get a full editor when I reply.
  10. Okay, I have 2 shots. First is what I see below any thread. The 2nd is when I click in the box, this is what I see.
  11. First dumb question: the only option I have is "quick reply". How do I get the full editor? Perhaps I should try another browser. Next dumb question, when I preview my only choices are tablet and phone. I don't have an option for desktop, which I'm on at the moment. I assume desktop is not a choice because I don't have the full editor. I'm off to try another browser. I get the full editor in FF; I don't in Palemoon, my default browser. Let me play around with cookies in Palemoon and see if one of the preserved ones is creating a problem on my end.
  12. I've taken my 7" eeepc netbook,which runs a hybrid of Debian and Xandros, on past cruises. I figured if it got lost or stolen I wouldn't be heartbroken. It was small and easy to travel with. It's now too old and slow to go on a trip. I could run a newer distro from a USB stick but that would make it even slower and since satellite internet on a ship is slow to start, doing anything would be painfully slow.
  13. So why doesn't my reply window look like yours? oops, I was going to ask for a preview button but I see the far right icon is just that. Now all I have to do is try and remember that. <sigh>
  14. If I don't have coffee, I can't function! That is one of my few vices. (Another: spending way too much time on the computer!) Funny because I didn't drink coffee until I was in my mid-20's. I just didn't like it. Turns out I was doing what I saw my parents do: add milk and sugar. Yuck! My grandmother drank it black. I tired it that way and loved coffee.
  15. I keep removing postimg but it remains. I did put this in its place [img=https://i.imgur.com/t9CXC7V.gif] and I end up seeing code but no image
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