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  1. I disliked the idea even of MySpace, before Facebook, and never considered participating in any social media. Luckily, I was pretty much out of the job market before a Linked In profile became essential professionally.
  2. I can remember on-line banking in 1995. I asked for and received special software from my bank. Once installed, it dialed out to the bank's modem, connected, and downloaded new activity in your account since your last visit. Seems to me it uploaded activity too, but I can't remember what. I don't think they were doing on-line bill pay then, but I don't know what else would have been uploaded. Shoot--I'm old too and my memory's going!
  3. Looks pretty good, Eric!
  4. Have a great day, Eric! Happy Birthday.
  5. Looks from the last forecast track like this storm is heading for rejean on Cape Breton island. Hope it's lost its punch over the colder water before it gets there.
  6. One story I read mentioned a woman in a hardened house with hurricane resistant glass who had her windows break and water fill her first floor. Someone else described being "in an aquarium" with water outside almost to the top of their hurricane resistant first floor windows, which were at least holding at that point. I'm assuming they were somewhere near the coast in the Bahamas. Terrible. :'(
  7. Apparently there was a software problem and an outage and a backup from last week had to be applied. :'(
  8. Congratulations Liz! Happy Birthday!
  9. Well I install Gnome libs to support GnuCash, but I don't run the Gnome DE.
  10. Only thing I still have around is O'Reilly's Running Linux. I think there's also a book on unix shell scripting around somewhere, but I haven't really had much use for that since I stopped IT work back in 2008! On driving while reading, I can only be glad that my commuting days are over (2 hour-plus round trip, almost all on interstate). I saw some weird stuff, but that's a new low.
  11. Okay, dumb question. I thought something like what's described above would need user to run chgmod to make the shell script executable. I'm sure I'm missing something, but can someone clue me in?
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