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    Tampa, Florida, USA
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    I'm interested in experiencing the travails of a rich person. I've done middle class and poor. I'm ready to do rich now.

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    ericsbane07 is a big black box w/ - Slackware in it - MS Win 7 ENT in it (crippled - no network access)
  1. Hmmm... weirdness. Usually, it's me with the browser issues on websites. Oh, and clicking the "Quote" button works fine for me. Let me check and see if I can use the image thingy... seems to work for me, but can only upload image less than 50K.
  2. I had a wonderful day. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go out to some friends' house and have a little celebration... food, booze, fun&games, wallow around in pool like fat manatees. YAY!
  3. Here's a screenie of what I was talking about...
  4. OK, just got here a little while ago. Hmm... been some changes since I was on last. My first issue was that I couldn't login. Fixed that. The next issue was my avatar disappeared. Fixed that, too. Now I'm surfing around looking at things. It's quite a bit different from the ol' comfortable board. Old people just don't like change. I'm older today because it's my birthday. Speaking of that... I found a little tab opening arrow on the mid-page far left that allows you to add content blocks to the board pages. I added the Member Status thingy, the Who's Online thingy, and the Whose Birthday it is thingy to the right side of the forum area. On the bottom, I added the board statistics thingy. This makes things seem little more comfortable. Anyway, still snooping around, poking things...
  5. Here's where I spend a lot of my time...[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v647/vtel57/My%20Pics/dsc00948.jpg[/img]Notice the patent pending ClutterLabs® Direct Air Cooling method being used on my tower (case open ) "ClutterLabs® --open hardware for open software"
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