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I'm willing to bet that there is either something wrong with those disks or that it's actually an RC instead of the final.when i do uname -a, it shows that i'm using the 2.4.26 kernel. Does anyone else have any thoughts/ideas? :url:

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Sonic..... My view.... lets wait ..... I am trying to get them replaced now (if I still had the order number it would be easier), but one small problem in that theory is that I might get them replaced with the exact same version/issue .. have to wait and see ......

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Where did you get the current cd that you have now? I suppose you can ask if they ever released a slackware RC disk, or if they have had other people ever complain about their slackware disks. I'm not sure they'd tell you the truth anyway, but it never hurts to ask.Also, explain to them that your slackware cd has the wrong kernel on it. Tell them uname -a shows the 2.4.22 kernel, and that slackware 10.0 uses the 2.4.26 kernel, as it says on their site.

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Sonic....I ordered them from ... Linuxcd.org ..... and I am fairly sure that they are going to send me a replacement ..... I have never seen an RC or beta versions on their web site but then .. I did not really pay that much attention to it either ....

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