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  1. Definately go for Firefox or Safari.Personally, I use firefox most of the time. However, I think Safari is really great too.I wouldn't waste time with anything else :)Nice list of short cuts Rolana! Definately Apple+Q and Apple+W i use i all the time. I'd also like to add that Apple + Shift + 3 takes a PDF screenshot. If you need a JPG, you can open the PDF in Preview and save it as a JPG :)Being able to have folders in the dock is a really great thing. Make sure you drag you Applications folder down there. Once it's in the dock, you can click and hold and a list of your applications will pop up like a start menu!Enjoy
  2. Very cool. I like that look better than the mini
  3. Good to hear. How is the... clickyness? of it? Do the right and left clicks feel good with the one button?
  4. Nice link patio! Bookmarked!Found a very nice photo site the other day: flickr.comGreat place to post / organize photos. It has advanced features like groups, RSS, slideshows, comments, captions, auto resizing, and makes posting to a lot of the common blogging sites really easy
  5. I know most of you already know this but:If anyone plans on exchanging gmail talk screen names, DO NOT post them here on the forums. Since they are the same as your email address, you risk having your address being picked up by spammers. It's a much safer just to send eachother a private message
  6. If you want to reinstall Mandriva anyway, i'd say do a reinstall and tell it to over write the lilo and replace it with the fresh new one. Or am i on the wrong track here?
  7. Install was a breeze!xorg failed to auto configure... but that happens everytime i install something. Once i remembered i had to run xorgconfig as root, it was smooth sailing. I'm posting from it now. Auto configured my internet connection too :)My one complaint - the default XFCE theme looks like windows!!!
  8. For all of you that haven't seen the link on slackware's site, a revised edition of the book Slackware Linux Essentials is available online for free under the GPL. Slack BookLooks like a great reference. Enjoy
  9. I definately go for Firefox over IE. Safer, more standards complient, open source, lots of extentions, and runs on all kinds of machines
  10. Update... first download failed. I was using a bad mirror i guess. I didn't see that you posted the nluug link bruno! I'm downloading from there now and getting 440 Kb/sec!Thanks
  11. Sunrat, have you tried:In a terminal window, su<password>kate filename.txtorgedit filename.txt(or any other GUI editor that vector comes with).
  12. Can you try to log in your gmail acount with a different web browser and see if that changes anything?That might help narrow down the problem.Also, at the top of your message with images does it say something like this?"External images are not displayed.Display images below - Always display images from scot@scotsnewsletter.com"In that case, clicking on display images below should load them right up! The reason gmail does this is to prevent your account from being targeted by spammers. Some spammers send out emails that contain images to random addresses. Once you load that image, the spammer knows your email address is active and starts sending more spam to it. Google prevents this by asking you if you want to load images before they actually load.
  13. I found two very useful things from google today. (three if you count Google Talk which already has a thread here).www.google.com/ig - Personal, customizable google homepage (you need to have a gmail acount for this).and if you need to look up the definition of a word, just search "define:word" without the quotes!
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