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V.T. Eric Layton

Sadly, there are lots and lots of "strange" cases of disappearances like this one. Many of these mysteries are NEVER solved. :(

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15 hours ago, crp said:

Why did Marsh's Library stop requiring the cage?

Because no one wants to steal books anymore. It's all about digital piracy. Who has room for all those physical volumes?

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Marsh's Library Dublin has a fascinating history.



While Marsh was at Trinity College Dublin, he was concerned that the library there was not well maintained, and that books were missing. It was difficult to use even for students of the college.  For anyone else, there was no access to the college library, and he said of the Dublin booksellers that they had only ‘trifles and pamphlets’.

It was this that made him think of building a library for the use of the reading public of his day. Public libraries were not very usual at the time and when he told his friends what he planned they commented that neither Oxford nor London had a public library.





At the beginning, readers were allowed to go into the bays to choose their own books. Unfortunately, they were so interested in the books that they stole them from the Library.

By the mid-1760s, there were over 1000 books missing. The Governors made an order that no-one but the librarian was to go into the bays, and that readers were either to read at the table in the reading room where they could be supervised, or be locked into the cages so that they could not steal the books.


The reading 'cages' at the end of the Second Gallery





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OpenAI’s Sora Turns AI Prompts Into Photorealistic Videos


The results are pretty amazing. 😎





AI-generated video made with the prompt “several giant wooly mammoths approach treading through a snowy meadow, their long wooly fur lightly blows in the wind as they walk, snow covered trees and dramatic snow capped mountains in the distance, mid afternoon light with wispy clouds and a sun high in the distance creates a warm glow, the low camera view is stunning capturing the large furry mammal with beautiful photography, depth of field.”Courtesy of OpenAI


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