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  1. well aside from there is the messy, messy issue of customizing your streams. not at all easy to understand what is going on. I take it some things that are supposed to be doable are still in the shake out stage? For instance, the posts in this forum the past day did not show in the "unread content' though i did see the b'day and ComputerWorld news postings.
  2. crp

    New software?

    there are 3 different ways to get to the link 'Unread Content'. easiest is upper right , under the line separating menu from content.
  3. seems to be running fine. There is one glaring issue though - the glare! Hopefully the white space can be toned down or there is a way for users to customize the look.
  4. Ping whatever freakin' external address you want. what about the nslookups?
  5. Why would most people want auto accept an invite to be on to begin with?
  6. no VPN involved? in a command prompt enter in the following command: ping If you get a reply from, enter in the following 2 commands nslookup time.gov nslookup time.gov and post the results.
  7. Is your msWindows up to date - is there an update that it downloaded and is waiting to install ?
  8. first off, are you sure you didn't switch to/from UEFI? did you do already see https://appuals.com/steps-to-fix-winload-efi-error-0xc0000001/
  9. it seems all forecasts are for Dorian to decrease to Category 4 if not 3 when it hits USA land mass, which still might be FL North East Coast.
  10. but what about restoring the backups?
  11. when nature throws a strike out curve ball - https://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/plague-infested-prairie-dogs-see-mls-post-game-fireworks/1qyuh3pukdik91gqr85bxdubnc
  12. Remember the movie FireFox? well, https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-human-os/biomedical/devices/brain-implant-decodes-dialogue-from-neural-activity
  13. https://kutv.com/news/local/utah-teacher-shares-custom-handshake-dances-with-departing-6th-graders-in-new-video
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