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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today

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8 hours ago, amenditman said:


Haha, excellent.

"And then the worst humanitarian crisis of all, the release of Tiger King on Netflix." "Yeah I'm not proud of that." 🤣 Totally agree with that. I wish I could reclaim the time I wasted watching it.


Sammy J is one of the most popular Aussie comedians. Very pointy hilarious political comment. He has regular spots on ABC TV.

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I have a personal rule not to post more than once a day in this topic. Breaking it today as this just cracked me up:



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12 hours ago, sunrat said:


I would have classed it as "documentary". Maybe a touch political but funny as xxxx. I won't remove it now but another admin might.


Well it was funny and as long as no one is offended, I don't care.

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