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I am working in a small electronics aisle in a superstore. A sweet old lady has approached me.

Old Lady: “I am looking for this thing for my grandson. Let me see here…”

She pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket from one of our ads, and a $10-bill accidentally falls out with it. A middle-aged woman standing nearby sees it, her eyes go wide, and she grabs it and stuffs it in her pocket before the old lady can see.

The poor old lady is looking around very confused, wondering where her wayward bill has gone. I approach the woman.

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, I believe that money you just picked up belongs to this customer here.”

Woman: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Me: “Ma’am, I saw you—”

Before I can finish, the woman struts off. The old lady is looking at me, slightly shocked.

Old Lady: “Did she just take my money?”

Me: “I’m afraid so, ma’am. Would you like me to call security? I am sure if the camera saw it, we can—”

Old Lady: “No need, she’s not worth it. I just need this item in the ad for my grandson, please?”

The item she’s looking for is a computer tablet, so I open the small cabinet where we stock them.

Old Lady: “Actually, could I have two? This ad is a really good deal!”

Me: “Certainly, ma’am!”

I hand her two boxes, advise her that the security tags will be removed at the checkout, and wish her well.

About ten minutes later I am running an errand that brings me near the registers when I hear the alarms going off near the exit. I quickly have a look to see what is happening. The thieving woman from before is shouting at the security guard, and pointing at her receipt.

Woman: “I’ve paid for everything! It’s your f****** broken sensors! This is f****** embarrassing!”

Security: “Ma’am, I can see that everything in your bag matches the receipt. May I search your bag?”

Woman: “Absolutely not! I am not a thief! I am leaving!”

She tries to leave but more security has arrived. She eventually relents and opens her huge designer bag for Security to search… and out comes a box for an electronic tablet, security-tag still attached.

As the woman is screeching that she didn’t put that tablet in there, I see the old woman from before nonchalantly walking past, an ever-so-slight smile on her face, with her just-purchased tablet in her bag.

Just the one tablet, mind you…



From https://notalwaysright.com/

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On 10/2/2020 at 5:58 AM, abarbarian said:


Well they are not completely off. Since the government (In the USA) gives the hospitals and such money for every COVID-19 case and for ventilators, it has been common to mark a death as covid even though it was not the actual cause. One of my uncles passed away from pancreatic cancer like 4 months ago and they marked his death as covid since he was a carrier. He clearly died from a 2 year bout with cancer and it had nothing to do with any type of cold.


Now that said, it is hilarious that they are doing it with road kill :hysterical:

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On 10/6/2020 at 7:24 AM, securitybreach said:



Nah it is a group of Trump fas re-enacting his historic return from hospital after his covid scare.


Video deleted. 1047hrs EDT -> 100720 ~vtel

- Sorry, political content is not allowed at Scot's. No harm, no foul... you don't get any demerit points for this slight infraction. ;)





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33 minutes ago, crp said:

so why didn't they make one?




Yeah, I prefer no sauce on my steaks as I know how to season them right....

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