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The Software Hall of Shame!


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All firewall developers out there.Try to locate a good 64bit version firewall for Vista... So far I've found seven, from which one is not accepted by Vista, one and a half are just front ends for Vistas own firewall, two or three are just so so and ask a lot of money,the rest is beta quality, if not alpha. It really is a shame, if not for crying out loud. 64bit is the way to go, and what have they got for us? Nothing, only one left. And it's that only one which actually works ok - as long as it works - but has an ask.com toolbar in the offerings which is pre-checked to be installed. B) Sorry, but with Windows 7 around the corner they - the firewall manufacturers/developers - are late if not to late. That's what I'm calling shooting your self in the foot. And when they eventually will come out with one, what will it be? Beta quality or to early released full of bugs for a $39,95 fee? B)

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yeah, i know this thread is dead, but it's "stickied" so, here i post.


windows 8 - hall of shame

- touch screen being shoved at us

- loss of themes and other loss of pleasing-to-the-ey

- released way too soon to a perfectly good os, win 7

- no, zero, added features/value


i.e. it suxors

Too early for this. It is looking more and more that the Consumer Preview for W8 was really just a test pilot for reactions. The first Release Preview has quite a few changes. But so far it still seems that point 3 is valid and I would amend point 4 to no features added of value to desktop businesss users.
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Guest LilBambi

Agreed. Way too early for this. Let's wait till it's out and we all have a chance to decide if it needs to go here.


Microsoft could wise up and still allow a good full service OS behind the scenes. Who knows...if they are smart that is.

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This thread is NOT dead. It's just lying in wait like a snake, waiting to strike.

My latest gripe is that Win8 will not work with MS Office 2003 or earlier. That's a $400 program - Office Pro.

So what do I do? NOT UPGRADE! That's for sure. I installed LibreOffice and love it, now if I could figure out how to move a few access tables into "base" I'll be a happy camper. The reason I don't want to upgrade MSOffice is not only the money, but the ribbon interface.

Seems like improving software is not about cleaning up under the hood, but adding lots of chrome, and big tail fins and changing the steering wheel to a stick mounted on the roof, and reversing the gas and brake pedals, because it's just "Better".

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Guest LilBambi

You might be able to do it pretty well (access to base).



You might be able to install Windows XP* or Windows 7 in VirtualBox on Windows 8, like I did on the Mac and Linux.


* Just remember that Windows XP needs to not be on the Internet after April 8, 2014 when all support goes away unless you are willing to pay for it. Turning off the networking works well in VirtualBox when needed.

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One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft Office 2003 is going to be unsupported shortly, just like Microsoft Windows XP. This means that if there are any security vulnerabilities in it, they won't get patched.


As a precaution, I would recommend that if you continue to use Office 2003, you do so from a computer which is not connected to the Internet.




Aryeh Goretsky

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Guest LilBambi

Absolutely and all the more good reason to disconnect that network connection on Windows XP.


Put office 2003 still will technically work on Windows 7, so even more reason to keep in mind that Office 2003 support will be also ending!

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