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  1. Guess I misread. I thought he said something about Security Center. I assumed he was referring to Xp's Security Center that will sometimes incorrectly report virus or firewall status.
  2. This sounds like a corrupted wbem repository to me.See this link:http://windowsxp.mvps.org/repairwmi.htm
  3. Yes. I do this all the time. Clients never can find disks or worse have PCs that didn't come with disks and are too lazy/clueless/afraid to run the make disks tool that the systems come with.
  4. Dell and most other major OEMs get cut rate discounts from Microsoft on Windows. Does anyone really think that they are going to hurt there bottom line by cutting into sales for Micro$haft? If Microsoft looses sales volume through a vendor they will up the cost per machine on copies of Windows.
  5. I dislike it as well in part because all the topics are closed. I might wish to discuss the article and locked topics prohibit that.
  6. Before torrenting for a solution...Sounds like a pirate that got caught.
  7. What in your opinions are the best sites for getting good quick help on malware issues these days. Most of the time I can fix'em myself but I hit a new one that had me stumped for a few days and it seems many of the old stand by forums are gone.
  8. I think he is referring to Seamonkey and I think he is talking about the back one page button.Sounds like a corrupted theme or profile.
  9. I use Pricegrabber to find things like that. They have rattings so you can find vendors. eBay also may have your battery. Many vendors sell via eBay.
  10. Correct the GNU Public License forbids anyone from close sourcing the code. If you didn't write the original code then you cannot modify it without releasing that modification public. In the case of Linux it isn't just one program. Technically Linux is just the kernel. All the trappings that go with a distro are other programs bundled with it. Each one has it's own license, most are GPL, but many have other licenses such as the Mozilla License that Firefox uses. And some distros come with some proprietary close licenses on some of the programs.You can certainly make a Linux distro with a new GUI or some other major component that was closed source but much of the code would be open source. Doesn't mean you can make money off of it. Apple's OSX is mostly open source but it's GUI - aqua isn't.
  11. I don't know if Mandriva can see NTFS or not. Bruno may know if they support it.As for seeing it over the network that has NOTHING to do with how the drives are formatted. Samba isn't interacting with the drives at that level but at a much higher level.
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