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  1. did i miss something? how did linux and insulting catmoves sneak into my short post about ads not being found anywhere if you use firefox? i'm confused.if i were to insult you, i would've mentioned that even my dumb-as-a-stump dad managed to install firefox all by himself. but i didn't say anything to that regards, did i? seriously, how can you NOT get firefox working on your 'configuration'? i've easily set it up on win98, win2k, winxp, win2003, vista, linux, heck, even as a stand-alone flash app that doesnt even NEED to be installed, simply runs by itself off a memory stick. just how buggered up is you system that firefox croaks on it? might need a re-format of windows if that's the case.
  2. Ads? what are those? is that like those pop-up things that non-firefox users get?man, i haven't seen an ad on the net in years.
  3. I did something similar, but a different route, which doesn't involved IMAP or AOL email.Thunderbird -> Redirect Extension -> redirect all my emails to a temporary gmail accountAll the emails appear in the temp gmail, but dates are all wrong. so then i setup POP access from my main gmail into the temp gmail account, and the emails get transferred into my main gmail with correct dates. easy as pie. man, i should start up my own blog. IMAP and AOL transferring? :thumbsdown:by the way, welcome everyone. I had this account dormant for almost 2 years, but back once again. I wonder if anyone remembers me. Some usernames sound familiar.
  4. Ford or GM laying off thousands, or Dell laying off hundreds as they relocate call centres to India, or Walmart coming into a town and forcing dozens of stores out of business; all those are a heck of a lot bigger factors of our underlying society's problems. why not ban layoffs, and hostile business tactics?Enron went down with billions owing to many families. So many people lost so much. And the government ignores such corporate crimes and puts all blame on the little people who are trying to forget society's failure by enjoying a game or two. One can even argue that government's failure to clamp down on corporate criminals causes a lot more deaths (through people resorting to crime, or others resorting to suicide) than all the isolated single cases of some kid taking a game too far and snapping. and if that game didnt snap him, TV would've, or music, or a movie, or a butterfly, or a dog, or a bully. my point is anything would snap a person that takes a silly video game too far. while NZ is at it, why not ban McDonalds for having no positive effect on society. it just creates millions of fat kids that will die early from obesity.
  5. people still use IE???? MS is a few years late and a billion dollars short... er.. i mean, richer.
  6. like for example, you can watch CNN and Bush's Iraq Conquest on TV and the debate over Saddam facing the death penalty; those are all adult-aproved ways of fantasizing killing human beings.
  7. as a matter of fact, they do catch criminals without the use of guns in England. next time, research a bit; it helps
  8. same fate, you mean it will go underground? they're 90% done reverse engineering the latest KMD 2.6. the new K-Lite beta works great. and they plan on releasing the final soon, despite being told to remove the old version off their website.the K-Lite team posted this on a p2p forum. they said they're glad it happened because it gave them that extra push to work on the new version of Kazaa. the latest official K-Lite (2.43, i think) was actually still based on the old Kazaa 2.1
  9. http://www.bwde.com/short, easy web name (only 4 letters), 1 GB storage, and can set up multiple sub-domains ( insertyourbusinessname.bwde.com )dont worry about yellow/black, thats just a temporary design i had a few years back. im open to any suggestion. would like to make nice CSS home page with CSS-controlled coloured mouse-overs.brainstorm up ideas if interested and we can discuss it over msn IM.p.s. Temmu, did you find some VC funding? minimum 10 million per head, half paid up front. :whistling:p.p.s. 10 million in STABLE funds, like Euro or Canadian Dollar. no US greenback, it will be worth like the peso soon.
  10. Recent Releases - Week of Nov 30th - New PC ReleasesGreat week for new games! some 1st person shooters, Prince of Persia comeback, and huge sequels. ARMED & DANGEROUSCategory: 3rd Person Sci-Fi ShooterDeveloper: Planet Moon / LucasArtsRated: TeenThis over-the-top action game is being developed by the creator of Giants: Citizen Kabuto.DEUS EX: INVSIBLE WARCategory: Sci-Fi ActionDeveloper: Ion Storm / EidosRated: MatureIon Storm's sequel to Deus Ex promises revolutionary gameplay and graphics. [caution: it's not 1st person shooter like the first Deux Ex. It's more of RPG adventure game.]NEVERWINTER NIGHTS: HORDES OF UNDERDARKCategory: Role-Playing GameDeveloper: Bioware / AtariRated: TeenThe second expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights was developed internally at BioWare. [i know i said 'no expansion packs in my list', but everyone loves and wants more of NWN. ]PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIMECategory: Action AdventureDeveloper: UbisoftRated: TeenUbi Soft's Montreal studio is working on a brand-new Prince of Persia game alongside the creator of the series.TERMINATOR 3: WAR OF MACHINESCategory: 1st person shooterDeveloper: AtariRated: TeenThis movie-inspired first-person shooter will feature online support for up to 32 players.X2: THE THREATCategory: Sci-Fi SimulatorDeveloper: EgosoftRated: TeenSpace trading game, along the lines of Microsoft's Freelancer.
  11. i also noticed Sygate works a lot better with many other programs (such as P2P) than ZoneAlarm does. now if they can only do something about Sygate's ugly interface, they'd have the number 1 firewall program out there.
  12. TRiver, give TBird a bit of respect. they already have a feature to block web bugs. go to Options, Advanced, Privacy, and turn on "Block Loading of remote images in mail messages". there, safe. and if you have "Javascript" turned off for emails, and activate the advanced junk mail filter, you can safely have preview pane on and enjoy email again, instead of worrying about what you'll catch next.
  13. the sad thing is there already is a tax levy (royalty) fee in every blank CD-R, VHS and cassette that you buy in Canada. plus they want to add that to blank DVD-Rs too. and adding royalty fees to ISPs will make all our ISP fees to up, with some ISPs deciding to close the doors, and resulting in less competition. they want it to be similar to how TV and Radio stations pay fees to play music. and then SOCAN (Canada's RIAA that is behind this ridiculous ISP royaltie scheme) has the never to say they will also start SUING users that pirate copyrighted mp3s, similar to how RIAA is doing in the States.one question: wouldnt we be already be paying enough hidden fees, levys and royalties? if they sued me once i downloaded some canadian mp3, could i not argue in court that technically i already PAID for it thru all those hidden fees? and guaranteed that even if they stop or clamp down on majority of internet piracy, the fees will stay in place for ever. i mean, there's still fees on blank cassette tapes. i'm pretty sure people that buy blank cassette don't 'pirate' songs. i' pretty sure its only by people who have a tape deck in car and want to transfer from CD to cassette, something called "FAIR USE".i think i'll move to the states, the RIAA doesnt seem so evil anymore, compared to these scheming hidden-tax bums at SOCAN. Slashdot had some good points: it's like suing GM if a robber drives a Chevy to a bank, or suing gun makers if some guy kill someone with a gun, or suing the phone company if two people plan a crime over the phone.
  14. you can turn off the viewing pane by sliding it down to very bottom. if it's scrolled all the way until its gone, it doesnt open the email.but you dont have to worry about worms jumping on board simply by previewing an email. this isnt OE. also, in other news:
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