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  1. Nice link, thanks. I read this one: Idea Labs and Echo Chambers Kind of long, makes sense, though. I choose the blue room. Other one had a real ugly baby... Clutter
  2. Thanks, Guys- I'll return to this and study it until I'm sure I 'get it'. Not sure if I will set up cron jobs or not. For starters, merely learning and internalizing these methods would be enough for me. FWIW the partition on the SATA HDD I used to stash the image was set up FAT32. I remember hearing a while back that this is a good, general purpose setup and that files could be moved from and to Linux partitions no problem (like EXT3 and EXT4). Clutter
  3. Another way to look at the threat social networks and Google et al pose to us all is- These scummy actors are being very effectively used now to throttle any dissenting views on whatever subject. It's all dreadfully Orwellian, my friends. Are you a fan of natural foods, natural healing etc? Too bad. Those topics are being rapidly marginalized. Ditto if you have any concerns about western medicine. And you will be attacked by rabid fanboys if you dare to give voice to concerns contrary to big agribusiness, big pharma, ad nauseum. It's a disgusting and very disheartening environment. I am soooooo glad I never got started with social media. What a darned shame. Clutter
  4. I'm so grateful you guys are still here when I need help, Josh. Well my somewhat older copy of Clonezilla performed very well for me. I am definitely rethinking the imaging thing now. Clutter
  5. Yep, sounds perfect, Eric. That's just what I had in mind when I partitioned the new flash drive. But then I used the 'wrong' utility. Nonetheless, Clonzilla did indeed do it's job perfectly. As a first pass, I'll look into the 'easier' graphical method Grsync. Remembering way back to the era of Bruno, I recall him telling me (in so many words) that 'we don't do imaging in Linux like is frequently done in MS Windows'. I'd have to go back about 12 years to find that thread. Now I'm reconsidering... Clutter
  6. Thanks, Guys- What threw me off is the "other media" . That made me picture (pun intended) getting my thumb drive out, etc. What's wrong with a separate button for photos? One that actually looks like a photo. Like in the old days when graphical interfaces were more intuitive. I'm just sayin'... Clutter
  7. Hi, All- Recently one of my Desktops with Linux Mint began to overrun the limited disk space on my tiny 60G Corsair flash drive. Root had pretty much completely filled the tiny 17.66G partition I had it in. No big deal- I had a spare Drevo 120G flash drive to throw in that tower (Dell Precision T3400). I figured I would simply clone the 60G drive onto the 120G. Hilarity ensued... I had set up the new 120G drive with bigger partitions and I figured Clonzilla would respect the new boundaries on that drive. Nope. Clonezilla made an absolutely identical clone of what was on the 60G drive- just as it is supposed to do- overwriting my attempt at resizing the partitions. D'oh!!! (Homer Simpson slaps self on forehead)... Well, OK, now I have more room, so I can move the extended partition sda2, making room to enlarge root in sda1. D'oh!!! Nope, it's an extended partition containing swap plus /home. Gparted wouldn't let me move that extended partition. Heh! So I cogitated on this little problem another day or so and it eventually occurred to me that I could image /home, erase sda2 and every- thing in it. Then Gparted would allow me to resize sda1... I ended up using Bing (Bootit NG EMBRL 2.02) to do the imaging onto another conventional SATA HDD. An oldie but goodie. I dunno, it's just something I'm familiar with, and it lets you mouse in (I think) a DOS-like environment. Anyway that later turned out to have gone very well.... Now I could use Gparted to remove the extended partition and its contents, and I did so. Resized root, sda1 upwards, then added back an extended partition as before for swap and /home. Then back to Bing 2.02 to slap an image of /home back in there. So far as I know Mint is still booting and working. I might add that Clonzilla served me very well in creating the original drive-to-drive clone. So here is a screen save from Gparted of what I ended up with: https://i.imgur.com/dDSNLxq.jpg The point of all this is that I figured out something, more or less, on my own, and I owe a lot to the guys and gals who hang out in Scot's Forums for coaching and encouraging me as I struggled to learn Linux starting in 2007. I'm most grateful! Clutter
  8. Gravity. And its opposite, comedy. (thanx Firesign Theatre) Hey, I'm thirsty. Clutter
  9. OMG. Any remaining hunches as to 'security by obscurity' now endangered. As if I need any more stress in my life right now... Nice link. Very impressive work. Trouble is, it reads basically as Greek to me. I doubt there is anything actionable for me here. This is way above my pay grade... One question that comes up for me is wondering how one would acquire this nasty in the wild? Would you have to get suckered into clicking an a spearfishing link? Or do they just sneak this past all your defenses? Including routers? I hear there is generalized advice to power down reset all your routers in the mainstream media lately... I am reminded of the classic Charlie Chaplin skit where the waiter holding a tray laden with food keeps getting knocked over by some guy carrying a ladder. In the final hilarious scene, in Pavlovian conditioned response to merely *Seeing* the guy with the ladder, the waiter tosses his tray of food in the air and throws himself to the floor- before even being struck by the ladder. So does it feel to me, a mere user. Vulnerable. Naked... And frickin' Mozilla just disabled NoScript and Adblock Plus in my older copies of FF... Oh joy... I can't get 'em back because I refuse to upgrade these particular copies of FF because I will lose some extension functionality I am just not willing to give up... (Session Manager) Clutter
  10. Wow! Wonderful stuff. Clever, cutting cartoon panels in with the usual cat videos. You made me laugh... Thanks!
  11. Henry! The dog is counting in hexadecimal again. Catch him in the act or he'll never learn...
  12. I have a lot of gratitude in my life, and that makes my life way better. Thanks for the reminder- Linux changed my entire home computing experience for the better. And how! I am so grateful I got to leave the MS security bozo shuffle- that was eating a tremendous amount of my precious time! Kudos to all who contributed to such a wonderful resource! Clutter
  13. ...and- probably my all time favorite bumper sticker- some wit combined "Save the Whales" with "No Nukes" and gave us: Nuke the Whales
  14. Runners up: The cartoon, forget which artist, which shows the caveman guy singing, perhaps? Anyway, alternative lyrics to "That's Amore" When an eel lunges out, Bites you right on the snout, That's a Moray...
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