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When Dark Horse Comics gave me the chance to create my own comic years ago–a very rare opportunity at the time–I jumped at the chance to build a vivid, sci-fi setting, and a gifted, troubled young bounty hunter plying her trade through a violent, complex world. Mercy St. Clair’s stories begin in the twisted streets of New Gelaph, but over time carry her farther and farther afield, until she becomes a central player in forces at play in the distant stars . My plan is to tell a life story that stretches out over a long series of action adventures where the character’s journeys are both inward and outward.




Mercy St.Clair has also returned to print, first through teaming up once again with Dark Horse Comics, and now by turning to Kickstarter to fund the further adventures of Mercy St. Clair in a series of all-new graphic novels at trekkerkickstarter.com.



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