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THEMES for WINDOW MAKER (101 themes)


In the link above are a few themes for Window Maker that I have found around the net and also a few that I have cobbled together.

The folder is less than 50 MB.

I think I have tried all the themes and they should all work on the latest version of Window Maker. Some of them will not display the backgrounds correctly, they will display but some of the backgrounds are set up for old monitors and the backgrounds need resizing for modern monitors.

However there are plenty of themes that do work well so have fun trying them out.


To use them simply copy the contents of,




to your








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Reading through this thread I have concluded that (as usual) I am about 7 years behind everyone else here at BATL. Oh well...


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19 hours ago, raymac46 said:

I have tried to download the Themes folder .zip file but I keep getting timeouts.


Yeah the free version of Mega takes quite a while to download. The uploads seem pretty decent though. I tested the download and I had to leave it running for over an hour and it timed out but restarted at least five times. You do get 15GB free cloud space so I and any size upload so I ain't complaining. 😎


An yes some of those themes are darn neat. There are some more out in the wild on a couple of sites but I thought they were boring and did not download them.Some sites with themes have disappeared since I started my affair with Window Maker. I wish I had taken the time to download their themes and I also wish I had taken note of who to mention as the creator of some of the themes.😛

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I ended up downloading the .zip onto my Windows desktop which is connected via wire to my router. Then I transferred the file to my network drive and copied it over to my Debian laptop. All is well now.

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Return to Window Maker (on Xubuntu 15.10)


The above article though from 2016 is quite interesting and contained what I thought might be interesting to Debian based users this snippet,




As someone noted in the previous article, there is no need to run wicd if you don’t want to. The standard Network Manager works just fine, and you can manipulate it from the system tray (the dockapp wmsystemtray) just by running its system tray applet:

nm-applet &



An a 2020 article for Window Maker on a Debian based os.


Relive the NeXTSTEP Operating System with Window Maker




At the top right of the desktop is the Preferences icon. Double-click to open it.

Window Maker Preferences

The available preferences are surprisingly thorough, allowing a greater level of control than many modern Linux desktops.

Window Maker Control Center

It’s well worth defining your shortcut keys in particular, as this desktop works very well when keyboard-driven.



Window Maker old but still able to kick a** 😋

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I have not installed wicd and Network Manager is running just fine on Debian. I shall have to try setting up the applet.

For me, the key thing about using WM is the historical context. How many DEs from 1989 are still around? I remember running Amiga O/S back then but today you'd need an emulator for that.

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Ok this is the last post on Window Maker Themes for a while. In the latest Window Maker it is pretty easy to make your own theme including your own wallpaper/background. What is a little more difficult is making fancy title bars and dock app backgrounds and such like. Which is why I have included as many Themes as I could find as some of them have some very fancy title bars and such like. For instance if you go to




and download




you will find an excellent example of just how fancy you can make a theme.


Now if you go to the Window Maker site they give some links to various theme downloads,




However the "Jess Anderson " link takes you to the WaybackMachine site which shows hundreds of Joss Anderson themes. Unfortunately you can only download a small portion of them and you only find out which ones you can download by trying every theme. That can be pretty time consuming so I have done that and put all the Jess Anderson themes I could find in one folder and made them available from here,


Jess Anderson Themes for Window Maker


If you fancy making your own theme it is pretty easy to do and these links will be of help to you.


Window Maker Backgrounds and Themes


Explanation of colour gradients in title bars etc


Theming Window Maker Part 1;Styles


enjoy 😋


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The application menu can be edited graphically with much versatility. The configuration is recorded in ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMRootMenu as a text file which can be easily read and edited (in versions after 0.94.0 it can also be automatically generated from a list of installed applications using a program called wmgenmenu).

Menu items can be set to:

  • Launch a program or application with or without a filename and other arguments
  • Launch a command line interface with or without further arguments
  • Run a WM command, such as exiting a Window Maker session or listing windows and workspaces
  • List a submenu containing any of the above tasks

Many Linux distributions define their own applications menu for Window Maker. This cannot usually be edited using the configuration tool (which will instead offer to replace it with a generic default menu which can be edited).




A nice entry for Window Maker and it look pretty recent too so I guess there is still some interest in this fine old program. 😎

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Found some fascinating stuff regarding Window Maker over at the WayBackMachine site.


They are well worth a read as a lot of the information though from the earliest days of Window Makers origins are still relevant today.


Oh an it is nice to travel back in time to  see how things were done back in the day.


Window Maker X Window Manager User's Guide Alfredo K. Kojima Version 0.20.2


Visit the links below to learn more about this versatile window manager.


Window Maker 0.80.2 Guided tour




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At long last  Window Maker makes it into a modern top ten listing, there is hope for folk in the modern world.


Best Linux Window Manager



Novice Mode

If you are new to Linux or window manager, you can start slow with a more engaging graphical user interface (GUI). As you go into the advanced user mode, the GUI becomes more of a burden so it’s more of speed and efficiency in getting your work done.

Window Maker

Window Maker is similar to the NeXTSTEP user interface that was developed by NeXT Computer in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Instead of the Microsoft Windows start menu style, you right-click on the desktop background to access the fully configurable main menu.


I don't know why the writer did not just include Window Maker in all the categories. 🤩


Oh and this is not an article from way back when this is from a 2022 article. 😝

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I am thinking it is about time. I finally  have some spare time coming up and will get around to installing Window Maker again.


Here are a few screenshots of Window Maker installs done by other folk. The first one is from way way back in the past.















A right mix of screenshots. Some of them are very modern looking. It just shows how versatile Window Maker can be. 🤩

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On 5/29/2022 at 6:48 PM, crp said:

Am i the only one that keeps on reading 'widow maker' the first time each time reading about it?



Nope the search engine at Deviant Art does the same thing. 🤣

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Back in the land of the living. Finally got around to installing windowmaker again. Looks like I have a ton of tweaking to do. this is just a bare install with a theme of my own which I call Old Reliable.

Paradise = Window maker running on Arch linux. 🤩


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As you can see I am making progress with this fresh install of Windowmaker. The theme is called Purple Balls made with one of my photos.


Missing WPrefs.app.


One problem I came across was a missing WPrefs.app.


This should be available from a middle click on the Dock. Nope it has gone walk about in this AUR offering. Quite an important app as you can customise WM very easily from it. Solving the problem took some investigating. Tried to find it in common places in the system files but was stumped. Took to searching the net and this post saved the day as it gave the location of the WPrefs.app exec.




I had posted the problem on the AUR page for WM so thinking I had solved the problem I posted what I thought was the solution.



Found the missing WPrefs.app it is located at


Add "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs" as the middle click command to the DOCK and your good to go.



However my delight in problem solving was premature. So more fiddling around was needed to gain a workable solution.

So I posted my revised solution at the AUR WM page.



Hmm not so simple.If you add "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs" or "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs %s" to the middle command section of the DOCK and then restart WM the commands disappear and you are back to square one. However if you add "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs" to the middle command of the DOCK and close the settings you can middle click on the DOCK you open WPrefs.app and get an icon which you can attach to the DOCK. This survives a WM restart but the commands on the DOCK still disappear. It is a bit cludgy but it gives you access to WPrefs. Whew good old WM still as quirky as ever. 😉


If you have installed WM and are looking for the missing Wprefs.app then the answer is above.


Another solution




Open Wprefs.app by entering "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs" . Navigate to the MENU section as above. Left clik on "Configure Window Maker" and you will see that WPrefs shows up in the "Program to Run"  box.

Change this to "/usr/lib64/GNUstep/Applications/WPrefs.app/WPrefs" as shown below. Press ENTER and close WPrefs.app.




You should now be able to access Wprefs.app from the menu as originaly intende. I prefer to do this as after an initial set up I very rarely need to access the WPrefs.app and it is one less icon cluttering up the place.


I will not be able to reply to the millions of users happy to have this solution as I am very busy customising WM.

Hope this helps folk to enjoy and use the best window manager ever invented.


Penguins forever.



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Tkremind calendar - 2022


How do you dock <insert program here> that doesn't have an appicon in the new version of WindowMaker? 2022


I use Tkremind and have it opening when I boot as it reminds me of things to do that I have forgotten about. Getting an icon for tkremind to place on the dock takes a tiny bit of fiddling around.

This works for other programs too.

I followed this guide from the WM site,


3.6 How do you dock <insert program here> that does3.6 How do you dock <insert program here> that doesn't have an appicon in the new version of WindowMaker?n't have an appicon in the new version of WindowMaker?


First open up a new program. I used transmission-gtk. Then dock it to the clip.Close the program.

Quit WM, I have icewm installed so I can easily change to that from the menu.




Open up a file manager and go to "/home/yourusername/GNUstep/Defaults" and open "WMState". You should see a entry for transmission-gtk.




Change this to this,




Open up "WMWindowAttributes" and add an entry for Tkremind,




Then re-start WindowMaker, and your icon should be there! You can move it around like any other docked app now, but the Attributes section still won't work.


More information about remind and Tkremind here.




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xscreensaver using gif


Quite a while ago I played around with xscreensaver and made my first ever You Tube video. Which was very very long and no doubt pretty much like watching paint dry. It did show some neat ways to customise xscreensaver though.




In the past I also tried to make a moving wallpaper to use with Window Maker




and you can view one of my efforts here ( only 967kB ) and well worth a look




I finally decided that a animated wallpaper was not that good an idea. Now xscreensaver comes with very neat screens and you can fiddle around with them to some extent. Screensaver uses .xml file for its screen savers. Having had a look at one of the files I recon after a while I should be able to create my own but my poor old grey cell would ache so I looked for another way.


As I had some .gif files from previous fiddling I thought I would use them if possible. Surfing told me that it could be done. I found a neat guide done by  "francesco bat"  over at the pclinuxos forums.


How to add animated gifs as screensavers in Xscreensaver


 The gif's I had were not sized correctly for my monitor. Now I had tried to resize them before with ImageMagick but could never get them to 1920x1200 exactly. Xscreensaver throws a error if your .gif's are not the correct size. I found this out by trial and error. The guide suggested using gifsicle so I gave it a go and used this command on my luverly bates gif.


>gifsicle batestest1.gif --resize 1920x1200 --colors 256 > batesmile.gif


It worked a treat and I did the same with some other gif's. I wanted to keep the gif's seperate from images in the xscreensaver folder so created a folder




Followed the guide and created a script and made it executable. I keep all my scripts in " bin " in my home and have added that to my PATH in .bashrc. This allows scripts to run when called by name with no further input.




ln -sf "${GIFFILES[RANDOM % ${#GIFFILES[@]}]}" $GIF
gifview --animate --min-delay 2 --window $XSCREENSAVER_WINDOW $GIF


Made an entry in "/home/me/.xscreensaver"


sh /home/bloodaxe/bin/nomescript.sh	    \n\


- GL: 				chompytower --root			    \n\
- GL: 				mapscroller --root			    \n\
- GL: 				nakagin --root				    \n\
- GL: 				squirtorus --root			    \n\
				sh /home/me/bin/nomescript.sh	    \n\


Opened up a terminal and used the  xscreensaver-settings program. There I disabled all the screen savers apart from the one with the label " sh " . Changed the folder choice from the image folder to the gif folder and closed the program.


An hey presto I have nine customised animated screensavers that appear at random.


I will post a video later on. I may even try to make a.xml file to create a proper screen saver file. Hmmm maybe.



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Window Maker on You Tube


Was really bored and the rain kept me out of the garden so I went looking for Window Maker videos on You Tube.

The first couple are really short , around ten seconds or so and well worth a looksee.


The videos date from today all the way back to 2011. I think I caught every one on YT btu if I missed any feel free to add them to the thread.






















































Enjoy. 😛







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Theme is NiftyBG by Clinton Ebadi 2002. Who still has an old site with several more themes.




and a new site




where you can find themes under the GALLERY link.




After a recent update several weeks ago my Window Maker would not load up no matter what I tried. As I had other life issues to deal with I booted into my icewm backup setup. I found this rather strange as the icewm used the same xorg.config as the windowmaker. I did a little searching but could find no immediate information so carried on with icewm.

I finally had some spare time and looking at the AUR site I saw that




which I had been using did not have an update since 2020.There is another version of Window Maker at the AUR




but that too has had no updates since 2020. However there is a third AUR offering




which has seen updates as recently as 2022-09-12 05:43 (UTC).


This crm-git package provided by bidulock (many thanks for this) was the one I downloaded and installed. During the install pacman uninstalled the original windowmaker and replaced it with the crm-git version. This was an almost seamless swap over. Once I had booted up to my new Window Maker I only had a few tweaks to make to get back to paradise.

So for anyone running or wanting to run Window Maker on Arch I recon that the crm-git version is the one to install and run with in 2023.






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On 10/24/2022 at 10:37 AM, abarbarian said:

As soon as I finish typing this, it's off to pop some corn!  ;)

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18 minutes ago, wa4chq said:

As soon as I finish typing this, it's off to pop some corn! 


4th one down is well worth a look 😋


The 6th one down is from war torn Ukraine made only 11 months ago. Well done to those folks and I hope they can fight their way to peace soon. 😎

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1 hour ago, abarbarian said:


4th one down is well worth a look 😋


The 6th one down is from war torn Ukraine made only 11 months ago. Well done to those folks and I hope they can fight their way to peace soon. 😎

The fourth one down...I wonder where they get the cement tile for around the pool??  😁😎👍




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