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Time to get back to Linux


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Hedon James

Thanks everyone. I'll see what happens once I finally get started (that is, when I can decide what to buy). I've done lots of SUSE installs over the years, but as I said, UEFI is new to me.


As someone who has done both UEFI and MBR installs, I can honestly say that, from a user perspective, there's no difference. All the differences and nuances are under the hood. Once you make those "under the hood" decisions, as the architect of your system, the install process will look like every other installation you have done. FWIW...

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Grub2Win supports EFI systems, you just need to disable the SecureBoot option.


I duel boot to Linux all the time but I boot ISOs.

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This Suse install doc has some excellent information. Especially at section 3, this is just a sample, reading the whole section would useful.



Custom Partitioning on UEFI Machines

A UEFI machine


an EFI system partition that must be mounted to



This partition must be formatted with the


le system.

If an EFI system partition is already present on your system (for example from a previous

Windows installation) use it by mounting it to


without formatting it.

If no EFI system partition is present on your UEFI machine, make sure to create it. The EFI

system partition must be a physical partition or RAID 1. Other RAID levels, LVM and other

technologies are not supported. It needs to be formatted with the FAT32 le system



Handling of Windows Partitions in Proposals

In case the disk selected for the suggested partitioning proposal contains a large Windows

FAT or NTFS partition, it will automatically be resized to make room for the


Leap installation. To avoid data loss it is strongly recommended to

make sure the partition is not fragmented (run a defragmentation program from Win-

dows prior to the

openSUSE Leap


double-check the suggested size for the Windows partition is big enough

back up your data prior to the

openSUSE Leap


To adjust the proposed size of the Windows partition, use the

Expert Partitioner



I was darn well impressed with the entire document as it contained a ton of clear and well presented information. Especially liked the section on SHELL and BASH.



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Thanks, Erik, that's a document I missed. :thumbup: This will be my first OpenSUSE install on a machine with UEFI, so while I'm familiar with the SUSE custom install, there's new stuff for me to worry about t his time.

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Hi rolanaj.....glad you are getting back to Linux. I'm using Slackware 14.1 on a Thinkpad e420....dual boot. There are so many flavors out there to chose from. I'm not sure who mentioned it but test driving in VirtualBox makes a lot of sense. Or you could do live versions on a thumb drive to test. That's what I usually do. Good luck with your search.

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