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  1. Because I was trained and then worked as a scientist, I can see the virtue of using the Scientific Method on the top rung of the thinking ladder. Though heaven knows, I don't always think that way.
  2. On this topic the Wait but Why website has a great series on why we think the way we do: https://waitbutwhy.com/2019/08/story-of-us.html It's a long read series but well worth a look.
  3. Oh I just use poweroff after I update the Thinkpad in the Terminal. But I'm not about to get my wife using sudo and all that. Once she figures out to click on a down arrow and then the power button she's fine.
  4. The Thinkpad is my go-to laptop for travel. It's built like a tank, I never worry about theft, it has plenty of storage room to back up photos. I also love how the ship's IT staff choke on their coffee when I tell them I am connecting to the network with Debian Linux.
  5. My daughter and SIL are taking a cruise right now, so my wife is in Ottawa babysitting the grandkids. She wanted to take a laptop with her, and didn't like the ancient Toshiba netbook I suggested (too slow) so I let her have my Thinkpad 430. This one runs Debian with a sorta unfriendly GNOME GUI so I had my reservations. GNOME makes it tough to turn the dam thing off if you don't know how, but I showed her. When she got there my wife and daughter tried unsuccessfully to log in to my SIL's network. Finally they figured out that they had the wrong password, and the caps lock was on. After that they were OK. Things are looking up (or are they?) though. Last night my wife informed me she had been doing Facebook video chat with my SIL - on his ship, with Debian. Oh well.
  6. I first got online with Prodigy, which had its own proprietary connection protocols. After Prodigy left Canada, I signed on with a local ISP, took hours to download Internet Explorer for Windows 98. I was screaming along at 56K with a dial-up Winmodem. My daughter went to the University of Guelph, got a T1 Ethernet connection and blew me away. Now 200 Mbps seems slow at times. Go figure.
  7. Imgur may be OK but after having to redo all my blog posts I am much happier to have the photos on my own site.
  8. Personally I have given up on photo hosting sites as they can change their terms and conditions. Photobucket did this and I was paying for my space there. I have my own hosting provider for my blog and for the money I get unlimited hosting and sharing of photos wherever and whenever I want. No watermarks, no holding my photos hostage, no dead links. I think it is worth it.
  9. Well much as I like Mageia I am just giving up on it as a VBox distro. Once again the latest updates borked my install and I ended up at the grub> prompt upon reboot. I think Mageia is just not updating GRUB properly after a new kernel. Probably I could have rescued it had it been installed on the rails but as a VBox install...nah. I'll just keep MX Linux going for now. I've updated it a couple of times without incident.
  10. Siduction is based on Debian Sid, so whatever is Testing or Stable should not be a concern.
  11. I believe it is still under development, but they are reducing the number of desktops offered. The forum website is still online. https://forum.siduction.org
  12. As a new Linux user I was totally freaked out by text based installers. I had to use one to install Vector Linux 4.8 on my old Compaq laptop. That was the only distro that could keep the fan running with the Compaq's archaic APM system. Then I got an off lease Dell Optiplex GX270 and started distro farming. Urmas and Eric talked me through a Slackware install and since I knew about Vector Linux it worked. Back then Bruno had a lot of tips about Slackware and there was some sort of dependency checker called SwareT. So I made out OK. Just couldn't wrap my head around KDE back then so it was on to the next distro. If Xfce had been the default desktop, I might be a Slacker to this day. Or I might have discovered Arch Linux a lot sooner.
  13. I've been working with computers since before Apollo 11 and I try to keep up as best I can. I think that one problem a lot of people have with network issues is that they can follow a cookbook well enough to get things going - hooking up a wifi printer shouldn't be any harder than getting a tablet to connect to your network - but if something changes or goes wrong they don't know how to troubleshoot. As you know, sometimes it is as simple as rebooting gateway, PC, printer. In my friend's case he had a new gateway with a new password which he put into the PC. But he forgot the printer.
  14. Well since I am using GNOME 3 on my Thinkpad's Debian Buster install I did check and I have no problems either.
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