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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today


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16 hours ago, zlim said:

We have a street we use that has been closed since sometime in June or July. The equipment is parked there yet every time we look up the street, not a soul is there working.


Sounds about right

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V.T. Eric Layton
20 hours ago, securitybreach said:

Man, people are stupid


Unfortunately, that's a fact. However, it does provide much entertainment value of the rest of us who aren't.

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What is the difference between a Hoover and a Harley-Davidson ?


 Watch to find out -



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1 hour ago, crp said:

Corrine tells jokes?!?! 

When I saw it, I knew it belonged in this thread. 

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5 hours ago, crp said:

It doesn't? What does it mean?


Pigs for the slaughter to be sold at the market.

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