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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today


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1 hour ago, sunrat said:

Found a candid photo of @abarbarian 😁:





Ha ha. I do like the patches on the waistcoat though. I wonder if you can buy them anywhere ?  I already raise eyebrows with me Northern Soul neck tubes and Lambretta pin badges. 😃

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Microsoft Now Sells Tiny Hoodies for Cold Xbox Controllers



Microsoft is nonetheless here to help with all you cold controller problems, in case you left yours outside in the snow overnight for some reason. The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie is a tiny adorable jacket that can be slipped over your Xbox controller, keeping it snug as it sips eggnog by the fireplace or goes tobogganing with the family.



While the first batch is sold out, the next should be available to ship by late February if placing an order soon. That will give Microsoft plenty of time to hopefully release tiny scarves, mittens, and boots as well. Dressing your controller in all that winter clothing will probably end up taking as long as when kids are trying to put on snow pants.


Too late to get one for Christmas then 🤔

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