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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today

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I laughed, but I felt bad when I did it--this weather is no joke! I've had to keep my thermostat 4 degrees above where I usually would so we don't freeze in our bedrooms (over unheated garage, unfortunately) and to be sure our pipes don't freeze. My backyard looks like one of Rejean's photographs. :'(

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If you click on Saul's Philanthropic Causes it takes you to this site. Save Walter.




It's been a really tough time in our family since my dad got cancer. Not

that there's ever a good time for something as awful and as scary as that,

but it was sure a bad time for us. My mom was pregnant with what she calls

a surprise baby (who is now Holly and even though she's a newborn baby she's

actually cute) and my dad had an extra job after school to try to help pay

all the regular bills. And that was before he got his diagnosis. We don't

have a lot of money but we were doing okay until all the medical bills. And

my dad is pretty proud - okay, really proud - and doesn't want to take char-

ity. That's why I'm doing this. Not because I want to make him mad or

upset, but because I want him to have a fighting chance no matter what.

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What do you think sunrat !


One case could be. :oops:

Two cases in a short time are pretty rare but possible. :w00tx100:

Three cases in less than a week !!!!!! This ain'nt no dejavue.!!!!!!!!!!! :th_run-around-smiley:

Should we call in the medics :medic:

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