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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today


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58 minutes ago, sunrat said:


Sort of true but not in the way the meme makes it out to be. Still kind of neat.



"The pouch is really muscular so the mum will relax it and the bub will fall out," conservation biologist Matthew Hayward from the University of Newcastle says.


"The youngsters flail around on the ground and hiss and make noise and the mum gets away."


It's the "ultimate survival strategy" that's only really available to marsupials, according to kangaroo ecologist and behavioural expert Graeme Coulson from the University of Melbourne. "[The mother is] interested in her own survival and her future reproduction," Associate Professor Coulson said.


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33 minutes ago, Bookmem said:

If I go into the bathroom, I don't need to remember why.  My bladder reminds me.


Right..that was the point ;)

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41 minutes ago, amenditman said:

Does black with 1/2 of a sugar count as black coffee?


Yup, even with a little cream if you need it. There is coffee and the other variations.


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