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V.T. Eric Layton

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It's not as if I made recent wholesale changes. My desktop console was 5 years old in 2009 and I used it for another 4 years. Its replacement has been in service since 2013 and has been extensively upgraded/maintained over that time. With any luck it should be good for another couple of years. The only thing I've done recently was replace a worn wifi keyboard and mouse. Monitor and speakers are a few years old but still OK.

I'd love to have NVME and USB 3 but right now the older technology still serves me well.

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Quite a few changes...   I got a new desk because I was tired of particleboard desks falling apart after a year or so I went all out and bought a 72" steel, modular training/work table. The thing is

My main carry laptop.   HP 9470M   Intel i7 16gb ram 1tb ssd running Archlinux/i3wm  

The good thing about longer hair is one doesn't get sunburn on the back of the neck . On the down side if you are prone to automotive maintenance one gets very black collars in a couple of hours.

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V.T. Eric Layton

With SSDs in your server, it's usually just the fans that are pulling all the current. Solid state devices (mobo components, SSDs, vid card components, etc.) don't draw that much current. Fans, on the other hand will SUCK UP THE JUICE.

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