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Striker, it turned out to be a nice weekend so I didn't install Fedora yet. Today is a holiday and it's pretty miserable out. Hubby will spend the afternoon in front of the TV watching movies so I'll be installing then. Wish me luck! :hysterical:

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Up to a good install Sue, and remember: there's always the 'fedora links' thread. I'm probably not around here again before tomorrow somewhere, I'm investigating wireless at the moment: something is wrong here and I need to know what it is and why, and of course what. ;)edit: :D solved the wireless problems with all three wifi cards. (using windows xp :thumbsup: ) Seems some distro bakers or who knows don't seem to know the difference between 63 characters hex and 64 characters hex. :hysterical: So I set up wifi from scratch and used a 63 character key, just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow on to the linux boxes. :o

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First task : doing all updates. (warning: there's a new kernel in the updates. It is possible you'll see an error message or two about not being able to enumerate USB Devices on Port such and such. Nothing to worry about, just ignore them.)Reboot after having installed all updates. :hysterical:

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I'm way ahead of you. I followed the perfect desktop link you have on the first page a few hours ago, including the updates. All went well and there were no error messages. Afterward, I reread the other links you had posted. After awhile, all the words stared to blur together so I knew it was time to take a break. I'm not really crazy that it comes with Fx 3.0 beta. Most of my usual extensions don't work but hopefully that'll be rectified soon after the final release comes out. Give me a few days to take it for a spin, kick the tires, etc. before I decide if I like it or not. Gnome is taking some getting used to but I'm sure I'll feel comfortable with it after awhile.:hysterical:

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:thumbsup: Give your self some rest, relax. :(
You're a fine one to talk! B) I am taking a break. And to make sure I do, I've rebooted into Mandriva where it will stay, at least until tomorrow.
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Edited the 'warning' in the 'synaptics touchpad tap not working' link in F9 section and posted a working solution. (tested and acknowledged by me :it's working OK on my 32 bit installed system and does what it has to do, enable the tapping option hardware wise on the touchpad) :thumbsup:

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