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FTP install Mandriva 2006 FINAL


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Hi, along with brunolinux.com this site has been my main resource for learning linux over the past two months or so :wacko: . I have just one question (lol well I have had/will have more but Ill start with this). I am running the x86_64 version of mandriva 2006, works great so far. However, it wont let me update my sources to the official as described in this thread.

# urpmi.addmedia --distrib nluug- ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/Man.../2006.0/x86_64/retrieving hdlists file......retrieving failed: curl failed: exited with 19 or signal 0unable to access first installation medium (no hdlists file found)
Any ideas? This is not that critical as I am thinking of trying out SUSE soon or possibly going back to 32bit (flash doesnt support 64bit yet as well as a few other things) PS. how do I make code quotes?
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Hi YargWelcome to the forum !I had a look on the mirrors and noticed the upload of the x86_64 was not yet complete . . . have a look yourself here and compare the two:i586 and x86_64 As you can see it's almost there but there still are a few files missing . . . and the directory critical for the FTP install media_info is still completely empty. So it looks like you will have to be patient a little longer and just keep an eye on that directory :wacko: . . once that one has files in it you could try changing sources again.B) BrunoPS: You can make quotes by starting with


and ending with


. . . . and code-quotes with




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