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    I have a GA-G41MT-S2PT Mainboard, 8 GB DDR III Ram,and a Flatron W1942TQ monitor. My 1st hd (1 TB) My 2nd hd (1 TB) has / (sdb1) OpenSuSE (31 GB), /home OpenSuSE (sdb2) 50 GB, / (sdb5) mint 14 KDE (21 GB), /home Mint...
  1. Yahoo! I am back in business. I don't know if it is because I login as root instead of booting into recovery mode or because I told the system that I was going to install Kubuntu in lieu of PCLinuxOS (lol) but after trying a few of the suggestions on the PClos forum and then either an 'apt-get update' or an 'apt-get upgrade' but a bunch of lib64qt5... types of files got installed and upon rebooting KDE Plasma came back. Thanks guys for your help. Greatly appreciated.
  2. at this point I am tempted to replace PCLinuxOS with Kubuntu 18.10 wich is what's on the flash drive and what I was using on my main system, but keep the /home partition.
  3. also it seems that whatever I try (apt-get update, aapt-get upgrade, apt-get install gdm) I get the 2 following lines: /etc/host.config: line3: bad command 'nospoof.on' /etc/host.config: line4: bad command 'spoofalert on' then more action takes place like fetching, eg.
  4. How could I bootin in a different kernel?
  5. I forgot to say that after I got the problem and before I posted I had tried from the recovery mode to "apt-get update" which didn't help and after that "apt-get upgrade" but I was told that there was nothing to upgrade. And I am using KDE Plasma.
  6. When I do boot in in normal mode I do get a login manager where I can click on the icon with my name and then I am asked for the password. It's after that that I get the message about being unable to start kdeinit5. But I will reboot again in recovery mode and try your suggestions in awhile (I am away from the laptop right now).
  7. Hi all! I haven't posted in quite awhile because I tried not to fool around too much but now that I am waiting to change my system (probably need a new mobo and/or processor) but right now I am using a laptop with PCLinuxOS installed on it. It worked okay until this morning (awfully slow but this is just temporary. Anyway I updated it this morning and now when I reboot,after entering my username and password I get the following message;" Could not start kdeinit5". If I boot into a recovery mode and type "startkde" I get the following message;"display is not set or cannot connect to the X server". I am actually posting using a live Kubuntu from a flash drive and I am wondering if there is something I can do beside a reinstall. Thanks!
  8. Thanks everyone.I'll give it a try when I get a better computer.
  9. Hi everyone! I just saw this last night and was wondering if some of you have seen it and what your opinion is. I don't really intend to install it. Just curious. https://brave.com/gd-us-branded-rpp746/?fbclid=IwAR017zS85ssLUY8aTrOlTwLLQgPiv1LfxzI2mjLvj95hvMV-XaugE_sV_wU
  10. Thanks Josh! This is why I asked you before doing anything.
  11. What is your opinion? Is it worth trying the free trial?;https://polyverse.io/
  12. Hi everyone! We had a problem with our modem 2 weeks ago. We got it replaced but since then my wife cannot access the internet from her Windows 7. There is an old PCLinuxOS distro installed on the same hard drive that I haven't used for a long time which can connect to the internet which she has started to use. Now I would like to move her bookmarks from Windows to Linux but when I move her profile I get an error message. I am willing to uninstall firefox and delete the .mozilla folder and any other before reinstalling. Can someone tell me what is the best way for her to have access to her old bookmarks again? Thanks@
  13. Okay! I found it. I just used the Run Command button then type (for example) chickens pictures and got some folders and pictures.
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