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Window Manager or Desktop Environment?


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A very good article. I suppose it is glaringly obvious but one of the best reasons for going with the defaults in a distro is that the developer can do a lot of customization already and you get a nice experience out of the box. One of the best examples of this is MX-18 which has a very slick Flux option and a lovely Xfce default. Mageia had/has a great KDE desktop but its GNOME option was buggy and ugly.

I am probably in the minority here but I've always preferred the GTK suite of programs to Qt. I know a lot of folks like AmaroK for example but Rhythmbox has always done the job well for me.

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V.T. Eric Layton
3 hours ago, sunrat said:

Currently Plasma Desktop (KDE) has way more votes than any other...


Hmm... I live under a rock. I've never even heard of 80% of the items listed on that ballot.


Oh, I voted for Xfce while I was there. :)

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