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What Do You Fight Spam With?


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When MailWasher came along it quickly became my favourite. But it turned out to be too much work (yeah i'm lazy) to check my eMail twice, once with Mailwasher, filter and finally check with Eudora. I didn't like Spamnix either since it wasn't free. A lil' brainstorming came to the rescue. Now this is how my 3 layers of spam-filtering is done:For POP3, Eudora -->(connects to) SpamAssassin POP3Proxy --> POPFile --> Norton Internet Security Spam filter --> eMail server.For WebMail (like hotmail.com), Eudora -->(connects to) SpamAssassin POP3Proxy --> POPFile --> Web2POP --> eMail server.This required 3 programs:SpamAssassin POP3ProxyPOPFileNIS(Web2POP for webmail-based accounts)1) NIS required no setting up whatsoever, since all eMail checks are automatically redirected through NIS, being checked for virii and spam.2) POPFile, as everyone knows, is a quick learner. Spend 1 min/day for a week for false spam-tags and you've got it running smoothly.3) SpamAssassin required no setting up either. To make sure it didn't mark legitimate mail as spam, I simply added a list of known servers/address to it's whitelist.All 3 programs change the subject of spam eMail, and can be filtered to separate folders. If one fails to tag spam, either of the other two surely gets it.That's it!All programs run automatically at startup in my WinXP machine. All I have to do is launch Eudora and check my eMail. That means, I could pretty much automate my eMail checking and spam-filtering with only having to spend a few minutes a week to make sure everything's running fine.With avg. 20 spam eMails a day, I haven't seen any spam email in my inbox for the last 3 months.Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Hey Ali,

When MailWasher came along it quickly became my favourite. But it turned out to be too much work (yeah i'm lazy) to check my eMail twice, once with Mailwasher
That's interesting, as I find MailWasher has actually made life easier. By having it load minimized at strartup, it establishes my PPPoe DSL connection (not quite an 'always on' connection), pops into the tray, and checks my mail automatically. I no longer have to open OE to see if I have mail.But, being a tinkerer I may look into your solution.
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Guest LilBambi

braunp --Think this page of the Mailwasher Tutorial site might be of help on what they do when they bounce a message:http://www.mailwasher.net/tutorial.php?s=8On the Tutorial page, there is a link on bouncing email in their FAQ, info quoted below:

Bouncing messagesQ.        How does MailWasher bounce messages? A.        MailWasher uses an algorithm to determine the best route to send the bounced message back (from, reply to, return path) and actually sends the bounce back via your ISP's postmaster, so it looks exactly like it has come from your ISP and not from you at your address. If the spammer has used a fake address, then your bounce message will itself be bounced back to the postmaster and you won't receive the bounced bounce email. Q.        What does the bounced message look like? A.        Send yourself an email, then bounce it. The message will be bounced back to the sender and they will receive an email similar to a returned mail message you would receive if you sent an email to a wrong address.Q.        Will the spammers know I am bouncing emails? A.        No, the bounced messages look exactly like a returned mail message you would receive if you sent an email off to a wrong address. There is no way the spammers can tell it is not genuine.Q.        Why do I get my bounced message back? A.        This may be because of two things.1. When MailWasher sends a bounce email, it sends it via the postmaster of your internet service provider so it looks exactly like it is a genuine bounced email. If the message that you are trying to bounce has a false return address then you will receive a non deliverable bounced email which will further clutter your inbox - this is because you own your own domain and all the mail is fed in to that domain. This doesn't happen if you have an address from a internet service provider - they get the non deliverable bounced email back to their inbox. To stop the non deliverable emails coming back in to your inbox, enter the address MAILER-DAEMON@mydomain.com in the blacklist and set it to auto delete. (where mydomain.com is actually the domain you own)Some ISP's may modify all the emails sent so that they contain the real email address in both the 'from' field and 'reply-to' field. There is nothing much we can do about this as this as we can't control it, we would suggest you not use the bounce feature in this case.
Hope that helps ya!
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