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  1. I'm sorry, I've participated in a lot of political discussion on the web and I have yet to encounter ANY PLACE where the discussion did not get contentious. People on both sides of the line have strong beliefs and many believe/fear that we live in turbulent times where issues such as are being discussed are critically important to the future of this country. THEN STAY OUT OF THE FORUM! Sheese. How many times does this have to be restated? Because they either don't agree with "some" postings or believe that as long as they keep their small heads buried in the ground, everything in this little slice of the world will perfect. There's a famous quote for that attitude - "ignorance is bliss".T-Bird, please point me to that forum you reference. I would like to scan it.
  2. No, I would beg to differ. While I have strong opinions and no hesitancy in expressing them, I don't believe that I have ever advocated shutting off a discussion because I didn't agree with someone's opinions or point of view. That is what is being so transparently attempted by some and is really the crux of this matter.But you are right, we are going around in circles. As I said some point back, I fully expect the sub-forum to be closed. It's just so much easier to pacify the few squeaky wheels and return to the status quo [shrug]. But doing this won't change or help change anyone's opinions nor will it help make the world a better place. It will just be a return to the usual modus operandi of "don't ask, don't tell" and "I'm OK, you're OK". We can all get on with our lives in our little corner of Smallville...
  3. So there hasn't been any arguing or flames about about what software is the best, whether MS is the devil incarnate, whether FF is better than IE, whether open source makes sense or not. whether nitrogen in tires is a good idea, whether posted jokes are off-color or not, etc., etc.? You need to remove those rose colored glasses because they are blocking your view of reality! The bottom line is - you're OK with tech "arguments" but not political or life ones, so of course, we should all conform to what you like and your world view, right? Perhaps you should consider starting your own forum where you can impose YOUR view of what is right, what is wrong, what is OK and what is not OK on everyone else? :'( I stick by the mantra of "live and let live". If you don't like certain subjects or discussions, then stay out of them and go busy yourself with something else. Why is that so hard to do?
  4. I've had similar problems in the past. The only solution was to refresh or rebuild Windows.
  5. Hopefully, MS will read the user comments at the bottom of the CNET article...
  6. Ahh, perhaps one has forgotten the meaning of "BETA"?
  7. The email is correct and accurate. Here's the link to the original article:http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2002/apr2002_awsi_01.htmlThere are more articles on the LEF site. Do a search on DRUG COSTS. You can also read through their magazine articles.LEF is a reliable source of health information. They have published a monthly magazine for some time. However, they also sell services and supplements, so you need to keep that in mind also.
  8. That would make for an interesting statistical study. And I doubt you could prove any statistical correlation. If you do a search, you'll find that I posted a similar thread some time back. The lack of new blood or repeat visits here has nothing to do with this new forum. It has been an ongoing problem. There are other tech forums that have hundreds of people posting daily. Given that this is generally a friendly place, I don't know why people don't stick here, why they come and they go. But it is something that has been occurring for a long time. I personally go out of my way to post things that I think are interesting THROUGOUT many of the forum sections here, trying to create more interest, more participation and grow the community. You'll notice that many of the threads I start are the ones that generally get a lot of participation. But it doesn't seem to spark others. Without vigorous member participation and new recruitment, we have become an insular community. The regulars know each other (our online persona's anyway) and with limited new blood, there aren't many new tech questions. Like the stereotypical old married couple, we know each other so well that we don't talk that much. We each read our section of the newspaper at the table and every now and then, we'll point out something interesting to the other and start a short conversation... Umm, who's fault is that? Each person makes their own choices. If they don't enjoy or want to participate in the new forum, then it is there duty to control themselves. No one can do it for them. Again, I don't think the problem is the new forum (which isn't that easy to find anyway). If nothing else, at least the new section has generated some more participation.
  9. How about doing like Jeopardy? Give us the answers first and we'll do the questions? And just because one person thinks they have the answer, doesn't mean that that is the CORRECT answer. So no, the questioning doesn't stop when AN answer is presented. Only when everyone agrees that there is only one possible answer.But given the all of 25 regulars we have here, I don't think it will take long to get a consensus. I'm fully confident though that the "squeeky wheels" will get their way. Children have proven this tatic to be very successful.
  10. My browser is always open, so I gae a try to closing it down. On reopening, link still works for me!
  11. I'm good for that and I think it would be refreshing. Why don't you kick something off? The problem is that questions have to get answered. And some people don't like the answers or the facts.However, I fear that ANY discussion that results in conflicts with the views of a small minority here will set off their whining. I still don't know why they spend their time going into some place that they don't like though. Perhaps their just masochistic at heart? Or maybe they are just looking for something/anything to complain about? What's funny is that, as we all know, even in pure tech forums, you will find arguing, disagreement and flames all the time. People argue over open source software, Linux vs. MS vs. Apple, FF vs. IE vs. Opera, this program vs. that program, how crappy a company MS is, etc. etc. Some get absolutely religious about these subjects. I guess that's all right though. I say disagreement is part of human nature, learn to deal with it...
  12. Spoken by the man pushing his right wing views the hardest. Or maybe it's his left wing views. Few of us here know the difference, or care.Of course this opposing view will probably not sit well. C'mon now, I'm not the one advocating throwing out the baby with the bath water because there are certain things I don't agree with. And I certainly hope you're not speaking for everyone, in that they wouldn't know the difference between left and right wing views. But anyway, if you truly don't care, then why spend so much time complaining? Why not just ignore whatever you don't agree with?
  13. Yup, just keep your head down, mind your mending and the don't let the real world intrude on your version of reality. That's how YOU like it, so that's how EVERYONE should like it, right? Ever heard the term "well-rounded" or "Renaissance Man"? Yeah, yeah , yeah... Everyone knows you can find non-tech discussions elsewhere on the net. However, few go in search of them on their own. And anyway, it is convenient to be able to discuss certain issues from one place and to LEARN MORE about the people who post here, that some have other interests and interesting points of view outside of geek issues.Clearly, there is an interest in having these discussions HERE because they keep popping up over time in the Water Cooler (aptly named). So the moderators made a wise decision to create a separate forum area for such discussions. YOU don't have to go there nor do you have to read anything or everything posted there. It's YOUR own choice. We've reached a sad state of affairs in this world when people think that discussing and perhaps disagreeing on current event issues results in "disharmony" and "disrespect". Just "bury your head in the sand" and "tend to you hoeing" and everything will be just peachy, right? :'(
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