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  1. It would be hard to miss the fact that something big has changed around here. The latest version of Invision Power Board (IPB) has numerous changes. We are up to date with version 4.4.6. I did this primarily because the version we were running was end-of-life, this new version is supposed to be easier to update an easier to design around. We explored the moving to different form software including Simple Machines Forums, or SMF. But the only migration routine SMF has is old and was never all that successful for most IPB forums. We found a place that wanted to charge quite a bit for conversion in the end I decided to pay Invision Power Board supply, the makers of IPB, a small and reasonable sum to have them upgrade us. This worked out pretty well since we ran into the per usual four or five thorny problems that halted the upgrade process. I was able to focus on those while IPS dealt with the FTP and running the upgrade software and all that noise; I wasn't trying to do both things. So let's see IPS initially had a lot of trouble getting FTP to work. I finally tracked that one down. We had the permissions/owner problem. The process involves performing two separate upgrades. After the first upgrade I then upgraded the server to the latest version of PHP, which brought down the SNF site. Actually it was visible it just didn't display any content. Shortly thereafter I put up the under maintenance sign. The upgrade was halted at that point for two hours while I was at the dentist. Three things need to be done to our PHP installation (specific extensions added and memory increased). I host did those steps but they didn't take. It took us a while to figure out we need to get the server of swift kick in the seat-of-the-pants. Actually what my host, KnownHost, wound up doing was switching from LiteSpeed to Apache and then back to LiteSpeed. That did the trick. And then IPS was out of touch for almost an hour. By this time it was 3:00 Thursday ET. We had started at 7 AM. About an hour later the ticket gets updated from IPS and the word is success! Over the days and weeks to come, I'll be working on some sort of return to a logo like we had before. I'll be exploring the updated admin control panel to see what features we have now and how we can make the forums more secure. I might explore some themes to see if we can make the design look a little better. Anyone who has real Photoshop skills who would like to work on the logo, please PM or email me. I could use your help! IPS will fix problems for a short time; I can fix things that arise from settings or conversion or HTML. They need to know what to fix what problems there are. So far I haven't found any but I know that can't be true. If we could set up a thread informed feedback or somewhere like that and people just go there to note any issues they come across as much detail as they can that would be a huge help. Thanks. — Scot I dictate most email with speech recognition. Please forgive recognition "typos," which can be a tad bit strange.
  2. I use both Windows and the Mac every day. I went back to Windows when I became a heavy Dragon user. It works much better under Windows. But I never stopped loving the Mac. I've come to grudgingly like Windows 10 quite a bit. Microsoft does a lot of things right in this OS. I use SugarSync to sync the desktop and a few other folders between my Dell XPS 9550 and my 2017 MacBook Pro Retina. So I'm always looking at the same set of files no matter what machine I open. I have a virtual machine of Windows 10 on my Mac using Parallels. Because of the way you can configure the Mac in your Windows virtual machine to share folders in Parallels, effectively I'm looking at the Mac desktop under Windows in terms of the files in folders it contains. That means that all three daily driver operating system installations see the same data at all times. So that's how Scot rolls these days.
  3. Actually, I was wrong. It isn't a different Linux distribution, it's a newer version of the same one. I don't remember what version of Cent OS we were on before, but were now on Cent OS 7. The upgrade is all done. To all: please be vigilant about problems and report them to me, even tiny ones.
  4. I don't have many details about the upgrade that KnownHost, who we are hosted with, insists we must carry out. Apparently my Linux distro is end-of-life. I guess it is no longer being supported, which means that other systems, such as the control panel, are no longer supporting it. So out it goes and in comes the new distro. KnownHost is handling all this work for us and they say there will be a minimum of disruption and no change at all to settings. But I am standing by to check through some of that stuff. They say for example that LiteSpeed will be unaffected by this upgrade. We'll see I hope they're right. KH is right a lot of the time. So, fingers crossed. It will likely happen today possibly this morning. I think they said that we would be down for about half an hour, but that that could vary. The way you can help is by reporting anomalies. The fastest way to do that would be to send the Webmaster account email descriptions of issues: webmaster[@]scotsnewsletter.com. You know what to do with those brackets. I may respond back with a question or two to make sure I understand what you've discovered. Thanks for your help. -- Scot
  5. Yeah, it can take up to 72 hours for the entire Internet to properly be pointed at a new server after a domain name server change. So it's dependent upon your ISP and backbone carriers that serve your ISP. I had the opposite experience. I'm on Verizon, and where I'm located changed to the new IP in less than 10 minutes. But on previous domain changes, I've sweated through two or more days. I'm glad it was a temporary problem. If you do a ping test of the domain name (the person who has access, that is), you get the IP address of the new server. People whose ISP's routing tables haven't been updated yet can use that IP address temporarily to get through to the new server, like this: Note: this works reliably with dedicated IP addresses; some web hosts use shared IP addresses. Scot's Newsletter Forums has a dedicated IP with this host. — Scot
  6. >snip Answer: KnownHost --> https://www.knownhost.com/ Yes, that's correct. — Scot Dictated with speech-recognition software. Please forgive improbable typos.
  7. Pete: Did this problem resolve itself for your other friend too? — Scot Dictated with speech-recognition software. Please forgive improbable typos.
  8. We successfully migrated to a new web host. I'm sure there'll be lots of tweaks to come and little problems; there always are. It's too soon to draw hard conclusions, but so far I've really been enjoying my interactions with the new webhost. Their customer service is superb. And we have a lot more bandwidth, storage and performance than we did before. What's more, I have a lot more control over the site and how it functions. What I'm seeing as I write this (in the wee hours of the morning) is windows and pages snapping open almost as if they were struck by a hammer. Hope that keeps up. — Scot Dictated with speech-recognition software. Please forgive voice typos.
  9. I'll post. But it's quite possible that our existing webhost could pull the plug before then. They didn't give us a specific day.
  10. Whenever that happens the forums will be closed for at least a while.
  11. Happy 11th to all forum members and mods! It's all of you who make this a warm, friendly and helpful place -- just as we envisioned from the start 11 years and one day ago. It was clearly a good plan. And though it led to some challenges here and there, we've all developed some pretty amazing friendships along the way. And that's made all the difference. Thanks to all those who've helped. It's the essence of SNF to pitch in and help one another. We're very lucky to have that culture. The Forums is also very lucky to have a talented and dedicated admin and moderator team, including Fran, Corrine, Eric and many others. This place would not exist without the gifts of their generous time and effort. — Scot
  12. MediaLayer, LLC System Message: 11/11/2013 06:32 PM Dear Customer, This message is to inform you that over this coming week (beginning Wednesday November, 13th, 2013), we will be upgrading the hardware platform that power your website(s). In the vast majority of cases this will be a seamless change and no downtime will be experienced. In the event that any issues are observed we will intervene and make the necessary adjustments and/or send a personalized message to the customer if any changes need to be made on their end. The results of this upgrade will include: Increased network performance Improved storage platform, with RAID protected solid state storage Next generation Intel Xeon CPUs with greater performance and efficiency Upgraded PHP/MySQL versions to support newer versions of popular applications This affects both a portion of shared hosting (application hosting) and some Application Intensive customers as well; customers with customized setups will be contacted for any individualized details relating to the migration. If you have any questions, please feel free to email. Best Regards, MediaLayer Systems Administration
  13. 10 years, eh? Hard to believe! Congrats to all of the many admins, mods and forum regulars who have made this place a warm and friendly enclave on the Internet. Still proud to have my name on it. But it's all yours. -- Scot
  14. Fran (LilBambi) worked very hard on this significant, highly welcome and more secure upgrade of the forums software. Please join me in thanking her for many hours of effort -- and a successful conclusion to the project! -- Scot
  15. So sorry to hear this. He will be missed.
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