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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today


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Bad link Eric:

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Cute but hilarious and on point. I always said Toddlers act like their drunk :hysterical:



18 Ways That Kids Are Basically Just Drunk Adults



1. They can sleep anywhere.



via mommyish


2. They are the least coordinated beings in existence.



via izismile


3. They have difficulty not hitting themselves.



via izismile


4. They find themselves in places with no memory of how they got there.






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paragraphs were indented 5 spaces, somewhere, gentle writers lost the art of forming paragraphs (and of course, writing them.) the age of the indent-less paragraph came upon us, where a blank line represented a paragraph, sans the 5 space indent.


it's sad what we've lost. thanks to the internet, we'll loose so much more.

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internet writing is like ebonics, both are a style. internet writing may not include capital letters (who would do that?) and the ubiquitous lol. sadly, i've heard from educators that that style of writing has crept into english classes so much so that teachers feel obliged to accept it (as long as the student has a consistent style throughout their paper.)

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