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Slackware Current @ Beta - Eric Attempts Upgrades

V.T. Eric Layton

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V.T. Eric Layton



Anyway, I'm goin' in...


I'm going to attempt to rebuild/fix or remove permanently my malfunctioning apps in Slackware on all three systems. It's hot in the shop, so I'll ssh into that baby and do it first.


Off I go...

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V.T. Eric Layton

Well, I got distracted a bit...


First, I had to figure out how to enable x forwarding while sshing. No prob... found an old tut from Alien Bob at LinuxQ.org. Worked great! Then I got distracted making a little step ladder thing so my old kitty (14) Patches could jump up in her favorite shelf in the windows above the washer and dryer in the back porch. ;)


NOW, I'm going to do some Slack fixin'... ;)

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