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Oh. Ok.......Move along folks..... nothing to see here.....  :(  :(  :blink:
See? Folks listened to you. You must be ready for a promotion. Tell the Navy to move you on up now because you have figured out how to get folks to listen to you. :D :(
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looking for help!! B) has anybody seen my lost, misplaced interest??? Last time I saw it was around those rotting apples. could've sworn I had it with me!!! B) can't anyone help me??? I'm SO lost without it. :D Maybe it got stolen :lol: there's been so many, uh, posters around here. Who knows who might of gotten off with it. Maybe it was one of those who had little of thier OWN interest. B)

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:blink:  Oh my!  It appears that there is no longer any interest in this thread.   :(
No..... I thought interest would last much longer than this. :( :( :(
Well, if this place was a bank, I'd say you have a money/paper trail problem. Lost interest equates to lost revenue right? :blink: And that's certainly not good for the customer. :) :( That's it, I'm taking my money to a different bank. You're losing interest all over the place. No wonder you can't keep afloat. :teehee:beeTee,You may have to ask in the bad advice thread how to regain your lost interest or find your lost interest or whatever your interest problem is. Then again, you might not want to know. :w00t: :P :D :ph34r: :(
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