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  1. So HDCP 2.0 is a vast conspiracy to extract more money from consumers and punish early adopters?? PERHAPS there was a problem with the older version or a compatibility issue while delivering UHD content. Maybe HDCP had to be reengineered to fix those problems. Maybe it is not a vast conspiracy. Let's apply Occam's razor to this..... Adam
  2. Another major question is software updates. NIPS/NIDS would requires signature updates and software updates to continue to provide effective protection. I did not see anything promising that either.
  3. Note: this only applies if you have a CNET account......
  4. How would the performance of a graphics card have anything to do with presenting video? We moved well past that issue in the 90s. I remember having a RealMagic Hollywood+ card to decode DVD video, but that was aiding the CPU. I had a good GPU back then, and it did not amount to anything when it came to rendering video- which was a CPU operation. Adam
  5. Are you planning on gaming? Adam
  6. Please post in the Forum feedback section on the bottom of the main page of the forums. Also, please describe the workaround you had to use. We'll get it sorted... thanks! Adam
  7. Yes, It's been said that a group of enlisted Sailors could get a ship underway from the pier in an emergency. The same could not be said for a group of officers. Adam
  8. ross549

    Banana Pi

    The Pi (either type) does not make an ideal streaming device anyway. If you have a lot of content stored locally, it works fine for that, but as you said, the Roku does streaming just fine. Adam
  9. We do get a yearly uniform allowance. Generally, the first time you are awarded a medal, you are presented with your own. After that, when you use stars and such, you provide those. Adam
  10. Yes, LG, Samsung, and others are generally slow to push major updates. Making it harder are the cellular carriers that have their own specific configuration and software. I am not sure about security fixes, though. Adam
  11. ross549

    Banana Pi

    Yes, single purpose specialty computers. I have several running in this house. One runs my IRC client software. I connect to it via SSH and pull up my chat session, so it runs continuously. The other runs my cryptocurrency miners. It functions as a controller and interface to the crypto network. Raspberry Pis are great since they are small and run on 5W of power.
  12. That's where I heard about it.
  13. I got my ribbon rack all updated today... need to keep these things up to date from time to time. http://imgur.com/a7uzeUV (Descriptions are included at the link)
  14. Tired of hearing idle speculation about the next iPhone? Sick of hearing how Apple is succeeding? Try this, the Apple Clickbait Generator..... http://www.kirklennon.com/x/generator.html Here you can see, once and for all, why Apple is really failing as a company. ADam
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