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  1. You maybe more interested in our corecdx than. Basically it's a fluxbox and that is it. It's ment for people that want more customization. Midnight Commander can simply be installed via entropy:equo install app-misc/mcLike you say tho, need to get that repository list updated first. Most of time we find that it is an issue with the network, proxy, ipv6, firewall, poor connection, distance from server. Maybe this can help with mirrors http://wiki.sabayon.org/index.php?title=En...itories_mirrors I see you're in Virginia, mirrors shouldn't be an issue.Slow boot? I am wondering if some sort of cheat code would help or a modification to the grub line once installed. Grub2 is kinda evil if you ask me. Grub2 and pulseaudio are very common complaints we get.http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.php?tit...ematic_HardwareOn boot, hit the alt f1 or f2 key to watch the boot up process and see if it's getting stuck for a period of time while booting. That could lead to a clue as to why it is slow. Mine boots really fast. I love using USB drives to make a live disk, the performance is just unbelievable compared to a cd or dvd. I use unetbootin to make my live usb sticks.I use to be a slackware user also, still one of my top favorites. The nice thing about linux, we got choices and not forced into one particular system. Thanks for giving us a try.Weather isn't so great here unfortunately, snow and blowing snow.
  2. Hi everyone long time no see, I am one of the Sabayon core devs, aka wolfden.It's hard to say what the problem is with the original poster, really not info to make a good guess. A good place to start is with our wiki to learn the package manager. It's vital to learn.Package Manager:http://wiki.sabayon.org/index.php?title=En:EntropyFresh Install, what to do first:http://wiki.sabayon.org/index.php?title=En...-_What_to_do.3FSo quick points - Sulfur is the gui to entropy and equo is the command line to entropy. I recommend using equo for the initial things. It is important to always have the latest package manager.equo update << this will update the repositories list, now if you have problems with that step, try equo update --force Pending on your geographical location, like Asia, this can be troublesome due to the lack of mirrors in that area. Some people find that they are behind a proxy or need to disable ipv6.If that all works out fine, now you are ready to install the latest entropy, equo install entropy sulfur equo --relaxed the --relaxed switch will not pull as many packages, just the needed ones. It should only take a minute or two, depending on your bandwidth speed.Once that is complete, you are free to upgrade the system or just install what you need.equo upgrade << updates your entire system, use the --ask switch to see changes firstequo install foo << will install or update the package foo and it's dependencies equo remove foo << will remove package fooIf you are familiar with apt-get, equo shouldn't be all that strange to you. equo --help is a great thing to look over as it gives you a ton of options you can perform. Something like http://wiki.sabayon.org/index.php?title=En..._Equo_Functions, not sure if that page is fully up to date or not, but give you an idea.Once you get that initial upgrade done, feel free to look at Sulfur and explore it.We will be releasing a 2010 gaming edition soon for christmas. A dvd packed full of games you can play live or install. We usually do this every year at this time.Sabayon's goal is OOTB, it's not perfect and has it's glitches like everything else. Users can file bug reports to help make it better. If filing a bug report, please give as much information as possible, like how to reproduce, log files, error messages, hardware, etc.... With so much hardware out there, it's impossible to get it all. We rely on the users to help report bugs as our dev team is fairly small, but very dedicated. I usually try to keep users up on things on my blog that posts to the Sabayon blog site:http://wolf911.us/wgo/ posts to http://planet.sabayon.org/An understanding of gentoo/portage helps with this distro, but is not required. We run bleeding edge stuff and try to keep it in a sane environment so it doesn't break users desktops. Our kernel upgrade procedure needs work yet, but the good thing is, a new kernel should never be automatically pulled. We use to do that and too many users were left with a blinking cursor upon reboot as they didn't understand that you also need to install the modules/drivers with each kernel upgrade. Our procedure is one of my biggest pet peeves, hopefully we come up with something better.Sabayon isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it's worth keeping an eye one and trying it out here and there. If 5.4 utterly fails for you, try the next release. I see that often with users. Happy Computing and thanks for message Barry!
  3. Amazing at how cheap computer parts can be if you don't go for the latest and greatest hardware. You still get a great system too!My next system build is leaning towards an Intel system as AMD is struggling
  4. Nice!I always liked fluxbox and I had tried e16 and went omg no way, but after listening to an e17 user in irc, it got my interest to try it so I did. It's pretty slick and I do use it frequently. I'm not found of it's particular apps like file manager and mp3 player, but I got nautilus and banshee for that. They need to get a stable version released.btwI am seeing KDE users in irc asking a lot about which desktop to switch too. Some have only used KDE so some have to learn a new desktop as they do not like the KDE 4. I know some hard core KDE users and now warming up to gnome. I am so glad I made my switch over a year ago
  5. I've been installing it as it goes along, but still keeping to gnome so it's got flakes to work out yet. It's not the direction I like to go with a desktop.e17 is looking good, finally gave that try and could get use to it very easily.
  6. Yes, I had used that before when I used windows. It was a great program.
  7. I got PS CS2 to run under wine, but it's not my preferred method of running it. If I need to do a lot of graphic work, I just reboot to windows. I use Gimp for a lot of things tho and continue to get better with it as I use it. I wasn't aware one could run PS plugins in it.
  8. If only ad-block was for all browsers, just can't live without the adblock that firefox has. Opera has features to block ads, but not as good as adblock can.I find opera faster than firefox and has some nice features, but it's tough to beat the plugins for firefox.
  9. I've had success with this one also. It's great for the 64 bit OS to run 64 bit Java.
  10. I really like what I see in the betas of Firefox also. I've been using it on the windows side and I've been using the swiftfox betas on the linux side. All good, but the plugins of course. At least Ad-block still works.
  11. If you're a gnome fan may want to try foresight - just came out with latest gnome that just came outhttp://distrowatch.com/?newsid=04793DVD install or cd install available
  12. Like I said, it's not for everyone, but it doesn't make it bad or deserve bad information. With today's computers, compiling really is irrelevant. I tell people to use what works for them. Sabayon is new ideas and implementations, it's very popular but like with any distro, it has issues and it only has one developer that works on it. It doesn't have a team like bigger distros have. It works very well for what it has. The pro edition has been dropped and developers are needed, but it won't stop till Fabio stops and he has no intentions of doing that. The loop2 of 3.5 will introduce a lot of the new development, which has the ability to do strictly binary management, no need for portage. The installer since 3.4 has offered a core install, so if it didn't work well for you, than you could of built from the core to what you needed. The options are there which makes it so versatile. People need to be aware of the options.
  13. The problem is, people don't fully understand all the options you have with Gentoo or Sabayon. You don't have to stare at a screen for hours watching real time compiling. Gentoo is always in the public eye of the ship is sinking, it still hasn't sunk and it's not going to sink. Portage is more active now than it has been, even during all the crying on the forums. People making conclusions and bad press reporting. Distrowatch reporting has it's flaws.Sabayon has only slowed the releases down because of all the new implementations that are being developed and are just now starting to come out for public testing. If you keep your portage and overlays updated you can keep up with the development. Gentoo and Sabayon are meant to be rolling releases, install once and forget about it. You can always keep current. Arch Linux uses the same principals and is available via source and binary, just like Gentoo. There is many advantages to using these distros. They are not for the beginners and they are not for everyone. I just hate seeing people making the wrong conclusions or giving bad information about them.You can do binary with any of the above systems. You can even build your own binaries and host them. I feel that defeats the purpose of the system, but the world is so hung up on binaries cause that is all they know. People freak if they have to type .config, make and make install or if a package takes 20 minutes to install. Just cause you build or compile a package, it doesn't make your computer useless. You can still do whatever your doing while the package builds in the background. You can run complete system upgrades while you sleep and wake up to a freshly update computer with the latest packages and security fixes. I understand it's not for everyone, but don't knock it till ya really know it. I can't imagine using anything else outside of Gentoo based or Arch Linux.
  14. I'm glad I made myself use Gnome when I did as I have turned it into my main desktop. Lesser bloat, lesser bugs, much cleaner and I even have the configuring of it down.I still prefer some KDE apps like K3b.KDE4 had to do something with the code and they are. I believe once it is final it will be 100xs better than it is now. Regardless I am sticky with gnome.
  15. see how some distros spoil a person by doing every thing for them?One learns so much more by using distros like this. I understand some people don't have the time to learn all of it and just want a distro that works, but if you got the time you learn so much about the inner workings.A lot of people that use Gentoo migrate to Arch. Arch is a nice distro.
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