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Screen Resolution in Ubuntu


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Another success with a new Linux Mint 7 install and that same MAG 770FS monitor. Everything went the same- I get too small a screen size, 800 x 600, install nVidia drivers, get even smaller 640 x 480 max screen size- then modify my xorg.conf with the HorizSync and VertRefresh data and, voila! 1024 x 768 screen size. Oh, the video card in this particular box is an old nVidia MX440.Thanks again, Urmas! :thumbsup: I take notes on stuff like this. No doubt I will be doing this again and again- but it's easy after you have done it once. Who knows, maybe some day all the peripherals manufacturers will be behaving splendidly and they will make excellent Linux drivers available. Well, it could happen... ;)

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