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Linux From my ipod?


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I tried it 5 or 6 times and it says the same thing. i even. copied it 3 times.
??? Beats me. I don't see that you said you used the usb2 cheatcode that I suggested? Try with that. Dunno if there is a disk light of any sort on the ipod? Can you tell when it is being accessed? Didn't work? Let's try something else; boot with the knopp cd, entering at the boot: prompt just knoppix 3 -- which should make it boot fully from the cd, and stop at a #root prompt [run level 3]. Does that work? If it does, do the command #mount -- what does that show? If it doesn't mention /sda1 at all, then let's try mounting /dev/sda1#cd /mnt#mkdir sda1# mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 sda1# ls sda1 that last line should show any files on that partition. What I'd expect is a single subdirectory named /KNOPPIX, containing at least the one big file also named KNOPPIX. Can you verify that is correct? It might be important for both of those to actually be in caps, don't recall; believe that is the default for fat16. I would expect the tohd cheat to do the right thing. #mv knoppix KNOPPIX .... which is how you rename. If there are no files on sda1, then it is the tohd=/dev/sda1 that is not working. Worth a try to just use Windows Explorer to copy that \KNOPPIX\KNOPPIX from the Knopp cd to the sda1 partition -- and with the files securely there, try the boot routine again. Maybe your hardware is not behaving consistently? Maybe your Knoppix cd is faulty? I'm assuming through all of this that your Knopp cd is at least rev 3.4 or later -- don't think 3.3 will do all this stuff.edit: and I just thought of something that might change everything, or make early testing seem inconsistent; if you have that usbstick plugged in at the same time, then your ipod is likely /dev/sdb1 instead of /dev/sda1 as we've been assuming throughout this conversation; depends on which is recognized first. Best if you remove it until the rest is nailed down. Edited by burninbush
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i figured out how to install stuff with klik but can't figure out how to do Firefox plug ins?
Well ... if you mean like extensions and themes, just get them the normal way from inside Firefox, and then be sure to do a configsave before shutting down, else they'll disappear. Otherwise, give me an example? If you mean, you can't get them to persist through a reboot, it's probably because parts are put into places that don't get backed by the configsave script. For that, you'll need to use that scripting capability I wrote about up the thread -- to manually copy stuff into place as part of the bootup. If you intend to do a lot of app adding, then you'll want to create a permanent home file -- the button to do that is under that penguin icon also. You have plenty of space -- give it 300mb on the same /dev/sda1 where the big knopp image file is located. Stuff you put into that will persist without you doing anything special to save it. As will stuff you store on /dev/sda3. Note you can't generally run linux executables from a fat32 filesystem -- it doesn't allow links, for example. But that's what that permanent home file is about -- it looks inside like a small ext2 partition. Before you get too far down the road with Knoppix, you should probably try a Slax install, done the same way. Also booted the same way. Slax is visually similar to knoppix [same kde gui], and has an extremely simple upgrade & remaster scheme that disappears some of the issues that Knoppix has. I have maybe 6 distros available here at any time, but the one I use the most is a Slax that I built from my own selection of modules. Surf over to www.slax.org, and look at the modules page [link on first screen] -- adding any of those to a poor man's install of Slax is nothing more than downloading one file and dropping it into a subdir on the Slax tree. Reboot, and it is part of the system. Or you can execute a script command and add the new module to the running system immediately. I really only intended the Knoppix experiment to be a diversion till Bruno returned, knew you had the cd -- took longer than I imagined it would. A Slax install would be much quicker, I'm sure, starting from what you already know. It'll only cost you about 250mb to have a 2nd linux on your machine, something that is often very useful. The Slax 507b .iso is about a 180mb download from that site. Just for info, what do you get when you run #hdparm -t /dev/sda1 ? This will produce a disk speed number, how fast your usb connection is running, actually, since the disk itself is almost surely faster.
i figured out how to install stuff with klik but can't figure out how to do http://www.real.com/linux/?rppr=rnwk&src=040104freeplayer
Site's down at the moment -- I'll try to get that for myself later. Not sure what's under all those buttons, but think that Knopp would be happier with a .deb than with an .rpm file. May not be possible to use that, until somebody puts it into a klik. Can't say more without seeing it.
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My advice is . . . go here: http://www.pclinuxos.com/ grab the Live CD and run it "Live" . . . if you like it make space on your computer and do a HD install. You will be much happier with a "normal" Linux install !Then take the Ipod and install the "ipodlinux": http://ipodlinux.org/Installation so you can have fun with the ipod and the Linux extras.B) Bruno

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i have just one last question. How to i put things on sda3? It tells me that i do not have permission.
Well, for starters, is knoppix auto-mounting the disk, or are you doing that manually? # cat /etc/mtab ........ will show how the various partitions are mounted by the system and # cat /etc/fstab | grep sda3 will show how Knoppix expects it to be mounted if it isn't already# mkdir /mnt/sda3# umount /dev/sda3# mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/sda3 -o rw,umask=000 [which says, mount the named device on the named mount point, using these options] If those succeed, then it will be writeable. Then, when it's working as you like, you'll need to edit that line in /etc/fstab, and then configsave. Then you'll need to add a couple commands to that knoppix.sh file, to override Knoppix's automounter script -- a PITA. I gotta agree with Bruno; now that you know the major facts about your ipod external disk -- it can be partitioned, and it is bootable, and it works like a normal usb disk -- then for the utmost utility, you need to go to a standard install, not the poor-man you have now. Best to do that before you have a lot of effort invested in setup tweaking. Note that having a standard install does not preclude tucking a PMI into the installed distro's space; it's just that one subdirectory. I have both Slax and the Knopp dvd 'installed' that way on this box which has Kano-64 installed in the standard way. I think of them as emergency systems, fun to play with, and sometimes useful to repair something on the Kano-64 install.
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Hey i think i am good for awhile i just wanna thank everybody for all the help and for being patient and explaining everthing to a linux beginner, thanks a lot.

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