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system log, especially rlog, output to console - how to stop?


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This is an issue that I never encountered with RedHat or CentOS but am with a Ubuntu server.

There have been system log outputs that display in the console since it was installed, but they were few and when I went into GUI mode, the messages did not appear in the desktop console application.

However, today i put in an rsyslog and everything relating to that was getting put into the console, any and all open consoles

I am wondering if it has something to do with user name used in the rsyslog.conf , as the original conf file had the user and owner of the log files as  syslog . Which turned out to make the log files impossible to access, I couldn't even access the directory the log files are in. So i changed the user/owner to the normal user. Though that would not explain the messages that appear at the command prompt when not in GUI mode.


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V.T. Eric Layton

Interesting issue, @crp. I don't have any input for you, though. I don't dig under-the-hood in any Linux other than my own operating system (Slackware) these days. Someone more comfortable with Ubuntu here might jump in with some suggestions.

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