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Mozilla Firefox Version 108.0.1 Released with Fix


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Mozilla sent Firefox Version 108.0.1 to the Release Channel today with one fix.



  • Fixes the default search engine being reset on upgrade for profiles which were previously copied from a different location.

Release Notes

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V.T. Eric Layton

OK... all up-to-date as of about 5 minutes ago. What this means is, now that Mozilla knows I've upgraded, they'll be releasing another version in about 10 minutes or so. ;)

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V.T. Eric Layton
2 hours ago, sunrat said:

Don't care much for this Shiny New Stuff syndrome


Heh! Me, neither, usually. However, my old version 14.2 of Slackware was running a really OLD ESR version a couple years back and this fellow over at LinuxQuestions.org created this great script for d-loading, building, and upgrading to the current version of FF, so I tried it. It's been working wonderfully for every upgrade since that first one. Can't complain.


He's also created a similar script to upgrade to the current version of Thunderbird, but I haven't had the intestinal fortitude to try that one just yet. I like my old boring T-bird version (68.12.0). :)

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