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resetting password in win 10


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Hi everyone and a happy holiday season to all.
My wife bought a new computer about 6 months ago with win 10 preinstalled. When she got it I set it up for her going through the whole routine including setting up the password with 3 questions asked; what was your nickname, where your parents met and the name of your pet. I wrote down the answers and the password and gave them to her.
Now she wants to use it and all she has is the password but it doesn't work. I have the option of resetting the password but I don't have the answers to the questions. What should I do?

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Microsoft finally closed a major breach and the "utility" work around no longer works.

It sounds like a microsoft account was not used to register the pc, so there would not be a way to get back in by using that.

One of the best software purchases I have made is the reset key / access hard drive program. Actually, probably should be considered a hardware purchase.



been a "lifeline" numerous time for me.


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