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Chrome OS Flex or Linux


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23 hours ago, raymac46 said:

@HJ I too have a Chromebook but I got it mostly for the grandkids as they use Chrome education software at school. Makes it easier if they visit. Since I have a number of junker laptops running Linux I haven't bothered to enable it on the CB. I am also a Google user as I keep whatever cloud files I need on Google Drive.

My CB is a 13.3 inch screen size so a bit lighter and smaller. I think the best use I have for it is a quick lookup of info on TV shows in my family room area. The only downside I could think of to Linux on a CB would be the 10GB walled garden.

There's still stuff I want to do that I cannot do in anything but Windows - train sims, my income taxes, my preferred photo storage app - but I can see the appeal of a Chromebook since you can get the experience of both ChromeOS and Debian on the same machine.

I got into Linux originally because I had old hardware running obsolete Windows software and I needed something to replace the O/S without junking the hardware. Probably today I'd just install ChromeOS Flex. But I would be missing out on quite a lot, including this forum.:th_1sm168massbounce:


The biggest problem with ChromeOS Flex, IMO, if I understand correctly, is the lack of a Play Store.  OTOH....access to Linux Apps more than offsets that, IMO.  Anything "missing" in Flex could certainly be provided with Linux Apps.


Like you, I have to use Windows for certain limited uses in the real world.  Most real estate software is Windows and/or Mac only.  My accountant requires Quickbooks, which is Windows or Mac.  I'm a big believer in the "right tool for the job", and sometimes that tool is indeed Windows.  My daughter is a professional graphic designer and coder for a very large and well-known international firm, and her "right tool for the job" involves Apple and OSX....she can't do HER job without that OS, as their (her company) entire tool chain is based on that system's offerings.  And it seems like the right tool for today's students is indeed a Chromebook, running ChromeOS.  Fortunately for me, 90% of the time, Linux is the right tool....that argument was resolved YEARS ago.  Now I'm down to which DISTRO is the right tool.....and every time I get that issue resolved, some new information comes to light which causes that decision to be re-examined in depth.  LOL!

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For vast amounts of my career we didn't have computers. Then it was a while before we got networks or the Internet. During the early computer age I had a work/life balance: Windows at work, Commodore at home. All desktops, no WFH, Zoom, YouTube etc.

In my dotage I came to Linux but I stick with Windows for certain uses, and also because I want to help other folks with their IT problems. I've never got into Macs mostly because of the cost, but I find that Mac users in general don't have a clue about computers. Those are the most difficult people to help so I'm not interested in supporting them. They can afford to go to the Mac Store. I'm not politically correct I suppose, but it is what it is.

I know a lot of people don't like Google but the Chromebook looks like a good solution for many of my senior citizen clients who struggle with security and performance on Windows. They can buy a cheaper laptop and still get a decent system for their needs.

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