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Not working as expected


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I click on a page and instead of taking me to the first unread post, it opens to the first posting on that page in a particular thread.




Now it could be on my end because I don't have every cookie protected.  I'll play around with cookies and see if I can figure out what I need to protect here.

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"Click on a page"?? What are you referring to? I just clicked on Unread Content and it took me to Unread Content. I also clicked around the various subforums trying to see something acting odd and it worked fine. Of course, I have not messed with those settings and accept all cookies from here. 


Could you let us know when you are having this issue so maybe we can reproduce it and get it fixed?

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V.T. Eric Layton

Where/How are you seeing that image that you posted above, @zlim?


AH... I see it in Account Settings.


I have mine set that way, too. I can't test it, though, because I don't have any unread posts here at the moment.


I also use the Unread Content link that Josh mentions, but I've customized settings in my Unread Content and then saved that stream as "Custom Unread".


There... now I've 'splained that well, huh? Clear as mud. ;)

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I found the correct cookie. Now I'm going to the first unread post in a thread.

I don't click on unread content. I go to the main forum page and open every section where I see something new has been posted. In each section, I click on any threads where I see something has been posted.

In the past, when I clicked on a thread, I was taken to the first unread post. Up until I saved the correct cookie, when I opened a thread, I was dumped at the first post on that page then I had to do a lot of scrolling if the page had lots of replies I had already read.


The cookie I saved was ips4_forum_list_view

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