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spotifydl is clear of everything else in my humble opinion. This utility/software saved me some big bucks I wasn't willing to spend. And then there's Krita which I use to draw a lot.

When Linux distributions are concerned, my top two for now are LMDE and Arch. The former is Linux Mint with a Debian base, updated only after the next release, medium bloat. And the latter, is just - based.

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1 hour ago, linux screwed me up sadly said:

spotifydl is clear of everything else in my humble opinion.


Sorry to cast aspersions when you have just joined here, but it appears this parses a spotify playlist, downloads it from YouTube which default format is lossy Ogg Opus, and then converts it to mp3. As someones who cares a lot about audio quality, I have to say converting from a lossy format to another lossy format is sacrilege. You'd be much better to download the audio files directly from YouTube and keep them as Ogg Opus which is a vastly better and more modern format than mp3, and supported natively in Linux and Android.


Welcome to Scot's BTW. You'll find a lot of good info, facts, and help here, only slightly clouded by opinions unlike much of the internet. 😁

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get_iplayer: BBC iPlayer/BBC Sounds Indexing Tool and PVR


If you are a BBC licence holder then this is a great tool for downloading stuff you missed.


So far I have only tried it for programs from the radio. Downloaded single episodes and ten episodes at a time and the program coped with the tasks very well..

if you peruse the wiki or guides you can set a custom folder to download to for every series of a broadcast or you can set a custom default folder which is what I have done. I do not think I will use the PVR facility as I tend to download complete series after they have aired.

You can also set the program to convert radio broadcasts to .mp3 at various bitrates as a default action. This I have also done as I will be listening to stuff on my car radio through its .mp3 facility whilst driving with no passengers.


This is the first program I tested get_iplayer on,


Stardust by Neil Gaiman


an I have downloaded this for my great niece as she is nearly nine,


Once Upon a Time in Zombieville


Naturally I will have to check out all four series to make sure that thy are suitable for her. 😋


get_iplayer Installation


Linux/BSD package installation


I used the DEBIAN  package from the above link on my MX-21 laptop and will try out the AUR offering later on on my main pc. The DEBIAN package installed all the extra stuff aswell so it was a quick and painless install.


Tutorials -- well worth a look, lots of handy tips etc.


Enjoy folks.😎


Just realised that I did all the above whilst my VPN was set to the USA. Not really a problem as I do have a BBC licence. 😜







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I didn't know that you paid for a license to see BBC. Of course, I haven't had cable in over 15 years now.

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37 minutes ago, securitybreach said:




Don't they also make money on the ads like other tv channels? https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-51376255


Sorry to get off topic, just curious.


Television licensing in the United Kingdom


The BBC is funded entirely by licence fees which allows it to be independent of government interference and thus an impartial source of news and reporting. It does not have any paid adverts at all for the same reason. The only adverts on the BBC are for BBC programs.

The BBC does have a commercial arm where it sells programs worldwide such as  Dr Who for instance.

Originally broadcast over the air the BBC now has an internet presence. First we had one BBC channel, then BBC and ITV, followed by BBC 1 and 2 and ITV, then BBC1 and 2 and ITV and Channel4. Now we have a lot of Regional BBC channels plus the main four BBC channels and there are over 400 independent privately funded channels available over here.


This list of linear television channels in the United Kingdom refers to television in the United Kingdom which is available from digital terrestrial, satellite, cable, and IPTV providers, with an estimated more than 480 channels




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