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Post the funniest thing you saw on the Internets today


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2 hours ago, amenditman said:


two good follow ups I saw:
The repair shouldn't be much treble.


probably got a flat.

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4 hours ago, securitybreach said:

I disagree about kale but to each their own :)

That's perfectly understandable and is nothing wrong with that because people like different things. I have a friend that doesn't like kale either while I love kale if it's prepared properly. If it's cooked properly and I am not just talking about heating up kale without adding any other ingredients can make or break how kale tastes because most people don't know how to cook kale. The same goes for many other foods. For example, there was a time when I hated the taste of shrimp until I had Japanese prepared shrimp. Then there are some things I don't like no matter how it's prepared like for example, turnips, fish, black olives, etc.

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2 hours ago, securitybreach said:


Mr. Jones should report them to the Better Business Bureau for fraud.

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On 4/1/2022 at 7:51 AM, securitybreach said:


"This is the last time we will contact you."

Oh, if only it were that easy!


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3 hours ago, securitybreach said:


Not funny though so it shouldnt be here.


OMG! As Phil Hartman's Frankenstein character said repeatedly on

SNL (Saturday Night Live): "Fire Baaaaaaddd!!!" :bangin:


Funny in a weirdly cool sort of way...



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V.T. Eric Layton

Firefox won't even load that weird link above. Hmm... neither will UnGoogled Chromium.

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